I highly recommend a book called “The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles” by Steven Pressfield. In it he examines internal obstacles to success and how to unlock your creativity. Today’s tips are adapted from his book.

I am often asked how I get so much done...running multiple profit centers while still having plenty of time for exercise, reading, learning and play. One thing I can attribute to my productivity is the attitude I took the very first day of my being self employed – I gave my home based business the same respect I had given my previous jobs. Here’s what I did, and continue to do:

1. I show up every day. When I first started my home based business, I decided I would work Monday through Friday –no weekends. I also decided I would make my commute down the hallway to my desk in real clothes. Now, one of the joys of working from home is that I can wear comfortable clothes...however, I don’t show up at work in my pj’s.

2. I show up no matter what. In my previous employment, I rarely stayed home –I’ve got great health and hardly get sick, I didn’t want to let my colleagues down, and I took pride in meeting my project deadlines. I have the same philosophy in my home based business. If I’m truly sick, I rest but other than that I show up.

3. I stay on the job all day. I decided my hours would be Monday-Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and Fridays from 9:00-2:00 pm. And for the most part, I am at home working during those hours. I gradually adjusted the tasks I would do at different times. For example, I used to take client calls every day –now I don’t take them on Mondays or Fridays. Mondays is a day when I work on projects and writing, and Friday is a project day and also a time for planning the upcoming week. I now quit at 1:00 most Fridays. Most days my husband joins me at home for lunch – so I have a midday break.

While working from home gives me the freedom to rearrange my hours if needed, I find that my regular daytime schedule works for me...I have plenty of time in the early mornings, evenings and weekends for relaxation and play. Your ideal schedule might look very different. The point is to have a schedule and stick to it.

4. I accept pay for my work. You accepted your paycheck when you were employed by someone else right? You didn’t feel guilty for taking it did you? Yes, I’m enjoying my work and yes it provides service that I feel compelled to give to the world and YES, I’m here to make money! You’ll need to get over any discomfort you have about quoting your fees and asking to be paid if you are going to have a successful business and not just a hobby.

I’ve seen these 4 factors make or break home based businesses. Commit to these things for 3 months and let me know what “magic” happens for you!

Author's Bio: 

Ann Ronan, Ph.D. is an author, speaker, certified career coach and self employment expert, and vision generator.

Ann delivers smart, simple ways for people to acknowledge what they love to do and do more of it. Her articles, products, and books have motivated and inspired readers in numerous print and online publications. She regularly leads coaching programs, tele-seminars and live retreats, bringing the message to audiences internationally that living a passion-based life will bring prosperity and success.

She was recently selected from a nationwide search to be featured in Discover Your Inner Strength. The book features best-selling authors Stephen R. Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People), Brian Tracy (Million Dollar Habits), and Ken Blanchard (One Minute Manager).