Many individuals want to know how to find a baby sitter they can trust. There are some steps you can take to ensure the sitter you hire is reliable and trustworthy, however do not be too trusting off the bat. Trust is something that needs to be earned by an individual, especially one that is caring for your child.

Here are some tips to help you find a baby sitter that you can trust and weed out ones that you should not trust:

1. Run a background check on the individual you are considering bringing into your home to care for your child. A criminal check will cost, however you can do them right from your computer for a small amount of money. The results are usually in within a few minutes.

2. Call all references that are given to you. Especially past employers. You should make a brief checklist of questions to ask the past employers about their job performance, their reliability, reason for termination of employment etc.

3. Ask as many questions as you need to about the person, their past, even their plans for the future.

4. If your heart is telling you that this person is just not "the one" listen to it. Never second guess what your heart tells you. It is usually right.

Once you have hired a sitter for your child/children you should periodically come home early or throughout the day to check on the situation at home. This will keep your sitter on his/her toes while you are gone. Make sure your "pop in" time is different. One week come home briefly at lunch time, another week come home early from work, another you can decided to stop home after a doctors appointment.

You should also pay close attention to your child or children's behavior. If you begin to notice changes in their behavior you should begin looking for another sitter. This does not mean your child is being mistreated, but children are just like adults, some people just can not get along no matter what.

Also, listen to your child and become more involved in the way they play and talk after they have a new sitter. Children pick things up quickly, so you should be able to tell if inappropriate things (smoking, friends over, cussing etc.) are going on with the sitter while you are not home.

As long as you are aware and involved you can find a baby sitter that will be great for your child.children and have the long term relationship you want. Your child will thrive with the right sitter, and you will see this on a daily basis.

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