Especially in the Western world, we equate having a lot of material things with success. Although there is a definite trend towards a more Eastern approach to living life, it can be difficult to let go of old patterns that have served us for a long time as we pursue success. Material things are absolutely important. They make us feel comfortable and we may even experience feelings of prestige and exclusivity with that new luxury car or wearing designer clothes. But that is not the whole story.

You may notice that over time, acquiring such things loses its luster and leaves you hungry for something more meaningful. Sometimes, we end up acquiring so many material things that it just becomes expensive clutter.

As you reinvent your life, you want to experience more abundance. Your abundance is all around you. You may just have to get rid of the clutter to see it. Your clutter is not an indication of your abundance. It is an indication of stagnation. However, it is easier to de-clutter and simplify your environment when you first de-clutter your mind.

Your thoughts create your reality. Your senses interpret what is going on in your environment and that information feeds your thoughts. Therefore, if you want to experience more abundance in your life, you want to check in with the information that your senses of smell, taste, touch, vision and sound are transmitting to your thoughts. Change what you are looking out by clearing out clutter and changing your environment.

Look around where you are right now. Is it cluttered? Do you have piles of paper all over the place? It is merely a reflection of what is going on in your mind and in your emotions. You may be feeling overwhelmed and your environment is merely reflecting that to you.

Usually, you will find that when you take the time and energy to loving release all the excess clutter in your life, you are creating space for the new figuratively and energetically.

~Clean out that den, the garage or the attic space.
~Clean out those old pots and pans.
~Clean out the cabinet that has all those old plastic containers from the chinese restaurant and store bought sauces.
~Clean out the linen closet and donate those old sheets and towels from 25 years ago when you were in college.
~Clean out the folders where you keep bills from four years ago.
~Clean out your bookshelves. No need for those books from graduate school 20 years ago. Most of them are now obsolete.

As you do this, you will find yourself feeling fresh and invigorated. I am a big advocate of donating the things you no longer want to a responsible organization that will make use of them. Also, donate books to organizations that will put them in the right hands.

In addition, as you de-clutter and simplify your life, find new ways to reconnect with nature. Reconnecting with nature actually helps brains reorganize and helps new habits attach. Our bodies produce vitamin D when we are in sunshine and we release feel good hormones when we are in nature and when we exercise. As you go through transitions, movement, sunshine and nature will help your body process those emotions and changes.

Our bodies have an electromagnetic capacity and so does the earth. When we walk barefoot in the dirt or in grass, I believe we are doing something very good for our bodies as we connect those two energies.

In fact, according to some ancient Eastern philosophies, life-force energy called Chi can be absorbed through the soles of the feet. Ground Chi is absorbed automatically and unconsciously when walking barefoot, which increases the amount of Chi absorbed by the body. It is said that you can consciously learn to absorb more Chi from the ground as you walk to increase your vitality, your capacity to do more work and your ability to think more clearly. Chi is akin to your soul or your spirit in Western traditions.

To create more abundance in your life, create the space for the abundance to come in by clearing your clutter and reconnecting with nature.

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Iyabo Asani is a life and business coach. A former lawyer, she left the practice of law after twenty years and now, she helps empower smart boomers create businesses and attract abundance by discovering the gifts and talents of their Inner Genius.