If you are already getting some success in consciously creating your own reality using any technique now you can know how to supercharge your manifesting of what you imagine, desire, and expect. Just keep reading.

You already know that thoughts create reality. This YOU ARE working with. Correct? This is working for you somewhat already? Good.

Now you can supercharge working with your own thoughts by realizing that there are collective thought forms that you can tap into. The result is two-fold. First you will benefit by freeing your own desires and imaginings of what is your true hearts' desire from what the collective unconscious mind is "vibing you" to believe is what you want.

Like this, you become much more in touch with what are your true hearts' desires which as you know is an extremely valuable component of manifesting what you want. Knowing what you truly want and why makes it work, and makes what works so delicious and wonderful FOR YOU. Learning to sort out YOUR OWN true desires from those of the collective is therefore the first lovely benefit of adding collective thought form awareness technology to the fun of consciously creating your own reality.

There is a way of sensing how to work with collective thought forms in your personal creation of the realities you desire, imagine, and expect. A way to disentangle your desires and imaginings from what is the mass thinking and feeling. Feeling the group energy yet knowing your self in it, in such a way as to result in you discovering your truer self and what you REALLY want.

Secondly, understanding that there are collective thought forms, identifying them, and then working them into your own manifesting can be a source of great power as you work your magic to get what you want with elegance and fun, with harm to none and with your Higher Self of course!

The force and power of collective thought forms is IMMENSE. Hook one of those thought forms up to your own personal thought forms and you can have gigantic force behind what you want. Or unhook from one of those collective thought forms and gain great freedom to discover what you want more easily and to get it.

This is what happens automatically when you are simply aware that the field of energy that is your own thoughts and feelings is yet paradoxically also blended and circulating in the collective social pool of thoughts and feelings, and thus your own thoughts are not really your own! Paradox.

Your awareness of this paradox and your ability to relax and play with it helps makes the magic happen SO MUCH MORE and gets you the two benefits I pointed out earlier.

Collective thought forms are many. For example the idea that when two people are in love they can get married and live together and have children and make a family is a collective thought form. The idea that having a new automobile is a desireable thing to have is a collective thought form.

The idea that being a millionaire, or these days, a billionaire, is a major achievement that everyone wants to have yet so few do, is a collective thought form. The idea to buy someone a gift on their birthday is a collective thought form. Your sexuality is governed by many collective thought forms as is your freedom to think and explore in most every area. Working during the week and taking time off on the weekend, is a collective thought form.

What would your entire life be like if it was all created with the thoughts and feelings that are your own, and you could come up with them in a state of being free in the collective field of thoughts and feelings?

You know you cannot get totally out of the collective field, and there is no reason to do so. Only there is great power in identifying that you are in the collective pool and discovering, distinguishing and allowing your own personal thoughts and feelings. And learning how to relate your own, to those of the collective.

In this article I feel it is sufficiently potent to share with you the awareness that I have about collective thought forms. I produced an amazingly shockingly unbelievably effective teleseminar series that you can preview for free on this very subject. Just listening to it triggers all kinds of benefits by upgrading your ability to consciously create your own reality.

I feel it is so important to your manifesting I called it my advanced module and named it, "Have You Manifested A Million Dollars Yet?" somewhat tongue in cheek and demonstrating right from the start what I am talking about by using a collective thought form in an original way in the title.

I am sure you would be delighted to explore this topic further I have found great benefit in my personal manifesting by doing so. It is my pleasure to talk about this with you and bring you the light you deserve to have shining on your work to become the person who lives in the reality that you desire, imagine, and expect.

With Peace and Love.


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JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn is a happy spiritual being having a human experience in the material world. His techniques, insights, and assistance in the formal application of mind power to improve personal life and the world in general are based on a lifetime of research and personal experience and aptitude in the right use of thought and mind power. He is a highly acclaimed world reknown expert in the field of consciously creating reality for his personal insights and teachings as well as for the system, method, and tools he personally designed that have empowered many people all over the world to have success consciously creating their own reality.