Coping with stress related to bereavement in a positive way does not just happen easily and naturally. Bereavement due to death, loss of a job, loss of a relationship or any loss that severely changes our everyday world is happening more frequently as we face recession and other life difficulties...

The important thing is how we handle it.

My first tip for how to cope with stress after bereavement is that you MUST expect to feel signs of stress and you must not think it abnormal.

How to Cope with Stress Due to Bereavement

  • Firstly you need to take responsibility for your actions and reactions. Coping with stress is ultimately your responsibility. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance or counselling, it takes a brave strong person to ask for help. Find a good friend to talk to, or even better, an independent person who is qualified in this field. Often a good listening shoulder is just what you need in order to offload. Talking about the person (or pet) and about your emotions helps YOU to understand those unanswered feelings of loneliness or isolation.
  • Find a comfortable way to express yourself and your emotions. A good way is to write a letter to the person telling them how you are feeling or maybe write a poem or a song about them. Remember that we are all unique and we all express ourselves differently; if you are artistic then paint a picture about the person. This is a great help in coping with stress and loss!
  • If your loss is through the death of a person or pet, keep something of theirs close to you, a photo or a piece of jewellery maybe. Although memories can be painful in the beginning, over time they will become a pleasure and a comfort.
  • Exercising is important and although it is the last thing you feel like doing it helps to release excess energy. It is also a way of letting go of frustration and of any feelings of anger you may be harbouring. Find out about relaxation techniques to help you relax and remain calm... So important!
  • Be kind to yourself and reaffirm to yourself that it is quite normal to be feeling the way you do. Remind yourself that it is a natural part of the mourning process.
  • Remember to eat and keep yourself as healthy as you possibly can. Pay attention to your diet! Eat foods that help your body cope with stress.
  • Change the feeling in your living space? Have a look at our page on DIY Feng Shui Tips to find out how to create a joyful or peaceful energy in your home.
Author's Bio: 

Margo Bastos is passionate about holistic healing and natural stress-free living. Her abiding interest, continuing personal research and every-day philosophy is in alternative mind, body and spiritual modalities.
She has a real estate business in South Africa and her formal qualifications include a MA in Jewish Studies from the University of Cape Town.
Together with Alan Mounter, a practising holistic therapist, she has a website dealing with natural remedies for managing the negative effects of stress. Visit at