With all the responsibilities we have in the modern world we live in, it’s no wonder most people are seeking a stress reducer or stress reducers. With the increasing roles that men and women have to play, everything from businessman/women, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, dad, mom, etc., it can cause extra stress and pressure to fulfill each role in life.

When you look at the way we live our lives in today’s age, it has changed at a very rapid pace than any other time here on Earth. We have so much technology, we hoped it would make our lives easier, but it seems as if it has made our lives more stressful and at a faster pace. In just the last 100 years we experience more in just 1 month than our ancestors did in their entire lifetime!

There are many stress reducers, many paths to easing the pressure you feel. Many of the stress reducers or stress reducer techniques promoted in the main stream are medication based. To be honest, I totally disagree with this kind of stress reducer. When you medicate yourself, you are not only ignoring the real issues, which lie inside of you, but you are numbing the feelings that is needed to be fully experienced. What I have found is most people whom take stress reducer mediations only find themselves in a deeper stress, depression, or worse.

We encourage people to face their stress. When you feel stress, this is a signal that something needs tending to. The stress is trying to help give you hints that what you are doing isn’t good for your life, and you must look within yourself and make adjustments. When you continue to ignore stress or depression, it keeps on building up. Unresolved issues can begin to affect other areas of your life, parts of your life that you thought didn’t relate at all. This is because stress is something we experience in the internal world. The internal world colors the outer external world that we experience. So it would make sense to look inside when you aren’t living the life you desire.

In our life we like to refer to ourselves as RockStars. We like to live life like RockStars and make the world our stage. I believe every person has their own inner RockStar and being a RockStar in life your life means you don’t ignore your stress. You don’t use medications as a stress reducer or stress reducers, or ignore your stress. Instead, a RockStar in life addresses his or her stress, understands that it is happening for a reason and a purpose, and there is a great lesson to be learned. Now, Obviously speak to a physician before you decide to stop medications.

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Dr. Dan Ardebili is the author of the Best Selling Book, “RockStar: 45 RockStar Lessons: How to Be a RockStar in Your Life, and Make the World Your Stage!”

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