How Different Are Lefties?

Are folks hand-eye-foot Dominant? Yes, but more important, handedness influences our decisions on good or bad, clever or ordinary, skillful or clumsy, and positive or negative. Judgments often hang on our Attitudes, Aptitudes, and only third, Intelligence.

Get this: left-handed people associate whatever is on their Left side as good, smart
and correct, while the majority (90%) Righties, identify the Left with death, females, clumsiness, and negativity. Weird, but it is based on neuroscience research released February 2 2010.

So What – Who Cares

Right-handed folks are left-hemisphere Dominant, and Lefties right brained.
It plays out when we make purchases (more from the right side), hire people
(seated to our right), see and hear (believe) sharper by our right eye and right ear.

Only 10% of us are lefties, and 1% are ambidextrous (mixed handed), but with a
6.8 billion-world population, and 308,610,0000 in the U.S. - 10% of the U.S. is 30 million, and 10% internationally is 600 million folks. We run into lefties constantly.


Our beliefs are affected by conceptual (ideas, thoughts) associations and show up
in our language and customs. Fact: the word dexterous - meaning skillful, clever, and smart is derived from < Latin: Dexter for Right-Handed.

Sinister: meaning evil, bad, and dishonest, has an etymology (history) meaning Left-Handed. Prejudice in language becomes tangible in relationships.

On a Nonconscious level we favor things associated with the Right, and distrust and
fear stuff related to our Left. Remember, it is not a conscious bias, it runs on autopilot. It is a habit, a way of thinking and acting from our autonomic nervous system.

Who Says so

Researchers at the University of Granada and Dr. Daniel Casasanto, Stanford University confirmed the differences in thinking between lefties and righties. We
tend to favor our personal hand dominance and abhor the opposite handedness.

An article in Pediatrics, a medical journal by Imperial College London reports on Eight thousand kids of which only 87 were ambidextrous (mixed). Followed for decades, these children showed a higher incidence of ADHD (Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder), and language and learning problems.

They were impulsive, jumpy and inattentive, leading to difficulties in learning.

How Come

Our sensory-motor experiences on a daily basis (hand dominance) exert a
super powerful influence on how we think and form beliefs. It applies to
both abstract ideas like kindness, intelligence and honesty, and concrete ideas
including choosing a candidate for a job or making purchases at a mall.

Inquiring Minds want this knowledge because it gives us a competitive edge
in understanding personal relationships, business decisions and financial choices.
Knowing how people react permits us to influence, persuade and convince smarter.

Integrating Left And Right Hemispheres

We are most creative and exercise our reasoning when we use both sides of our brain. Communication between our left and right hemispheres are signaled (transferred) through our Corpus Callosum. It is our brain switchboard.

Remember – our brain uses Association (links between long-term knowledge and
new ideas) to learn and remember. It communicates through our senses –
Vision-Auditory-Kinesthetic (tactile).

Two-Kinesthetic Baby-Easy Strategies

If you want to power your thinking, learning and memory – use all three (3) senses
simultaneously – seeing-hearing-feeling (touch).

Do you remember the Air Guitar – make-believe hand movements in tune to the music you heard?

When you trace in the air certain symbols (B-9) for the power word Benign (good,
healthy, successful) you are integrating (synchronizing, alignment, organizing) your left and right brains to work optimally.


1. Stand up if you are alone – the act of standing is healthier than
sitting because it exercises muscles and circulates oxygen and
glucose (energy). It still works while seated at your desk.

2. Place your left thumb up against your left index (pointing)
finger about 12 inches in front of your face at eye-level.
You are going to do the same exercise with your right thumb
and right index finger.
3. Simultaneously maintain your face in a wide smile while Air
Tracing the symbol B-9 (Benign).
4. Mentally think – while smiling and producing B-9 in five (5)
repetitions the following Command Affirmation:

“Every day in every way I am experiencing a
Benign (B-9) body and mind, and feeling Better-
and Better on a daily basis ad infinitum.”

5. The entire exercise requires two-minutes. A total of 5 reps.
The size of the symbol – B-9 is one-foot tall, executed by your
left-fingers, then right fingers, and finally using both hands

Air-Trace the B-9 twelve inches in front of your face, and about one-foot tall. This is a Kinesthetic exercise combining with Vision and Hearing your own voice aloud or hearing it mentally. It is a powerful sensory experience for learning.

6. Once a day is good, it is only 2-minutes, twice-a-day is excellent
to imprint this Command Affirmation on your Nonconscious mind for success in whatever you do.

Air-Tracing the Infinity Symbol

Another powerful Kinesthetic exercise for integrating left and right brain is Air-Tracing the large symbol for Infinity. It looks like a reclining number 8. Same
instructions – one-foot tall and 12 inches in front of your face at eyelevel.

This is a two-minute exercise that links the specializations of your left and right brain. Get this: you start with your Left hand (thumb next to index finger) and
produce a two-foot wide trace of the sleeping number 8 (infinity symbol).
Smile and repeat the Command Affirmation as you Air Trace the symbol.

Repeat with your Right Fingers (five repetitions), and finally Center
your Air Tracing the infinity (reclining #8) symbol. Left-Right-Centered.

Twice a day is the beginning of a habit uniting (integrating) both hemispheres.
Your learning, memory and creativity will improve up to 35% within 14 days.
You will experience a more powerful mind particularly in your career activities.


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