Thanksgiving should be fun, right? Turkey, stuffing, corn bread, pumpkin pie and so much more really good food to eat. Just thinking about all of that deliciousness makes you want to wear clothes with an elastic waistband and never look at a scale again.

The holiday season has started with Thanksgiving (for those of us in the United States), then Chanukah, Christmas and so on. Although, you may love all of the tradition that’s part of these special days, often, there’s a bit of stress, worry, and anxiety around these times.

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That’s because we revert into our younger selves (usually high school age) and have a conflict with other family members when we return home. After all, our teenage years were our most rebellious times, and our parents and other family members understood us the least.

So, it becomes this push-pull. Wanting to have a wonderful holiday (like we see on the tv shows or movies) and wanting to assert our independence.

It doesn’t have to be either… or. You can have both.

I would often go through the same challenges when traveling home for Thanksgiving. Looking forward to seeing family while dreading it at the same time. Who would fight with whom? Who would start the arguments? Would I be able to take space for myself?

Here are a few suggestions that have helped me immensely turn my holiday visits home into wonderful occasions:

1. Ask yourself beforehand, why are you going to visit your family? Really get in touch with intentions?

2. What is your intention for the experience you want to create?

3. What do you need to be able to create this? What needs to happen?

4. While visiting, use your morning routine before interacting with others to keep yourself grounded.

5. Use Donna Eden’s “Zip Up” to protect your energy. Or, stand with your feet firmly planted on the ground, arms stretched out and wide, and say aloud “I am a brilliant person and I have a say in how this goes.” This action will help you keep your personal power.

6. Lastly, don’t take things personally. I know this is hard. Realize that everyone is coming from their own place. Otherwise, you get caught up in old arguments, making your visit uncomfortable.

Remember…Just breathe.

Be Brilliant,

Kate Beeders, The Breakthrough Expert and Founder of BRILLIANCE Builders™

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