Dear friend, a fact is a dream that has been realized by the WILL of the dreamer.

So it is with your own strength. You never understand what it can do until you put it to the test.

By your strength, I mean your strength of Will, your strength of purpose and your strength of faith.

I might call it your ability, for your strength lies in your willingness to adhere to your determination.

There is a perfect way of testing your strength. Give it work to do. Give it an object to attain. Your strength is only as potent as your faith. If your faith is boundless, your strength will know no limits.

While your strength is yours to use in your own progress, it is not meant to be used for yourself alone. You are to divert some of your new found power to the benefit of others.

If your power is true, then it is meant to be used for the benefit of others as well.

When you can walk and act for yourself, then the time has arrived when you can help others. You can put your strength to work in order to show and inspire others to what they themselves can do, for the things that you have attained are also possible to anyone who will possess the WILL to attain.
By steady practice of your strength and by a continued use of your power, you can show others what they can do.

You can also do more than merely show others what they themselves can do; you can at times do things for others.
The same concentration, the same application, the same faith that has been given to you, the power to stand on your own feet, alone, can always be diverted through the proper channels to help the world.

Bear in mind that you must live in the moment. Tomorrow is the day when you will profit by yesterday’s examples. The NOW is the important hour. It is the tool you hold in your hand for the work that you are doing at the moment.

It is only by understanding your own strength, by knowing that there is absolutely no limit when it flows through you, it is by knowing that your supply is unlimited, that it is there for you to call up at all times, it is by truly knowing these things that your strength will be equal to any task that circumstances may set for it.

Then, and only then, will you come to the full realization of the POWER of your own strength.

Until next time, make this a week one in which you are living your life to the fullest.

With appreciation and gratitude
Nigel St.Hill
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