Every emotion triggers different reaction or decision of us. The emotions we feel can change our decisions. Some emotions can make us avoid something or some can force us to reach for it. This is an important effect when we are making decisions. If we want to make decisions consciously we must be sure about our emotions at the moment and maybe leave the decision to another day.

This is vital for taking control of your mind power. Your emotions can help you reach your life purposes but you have to know how they affect your decisions.

We generally prefer to feel good, excited, happy, joyful, etc. These emotions make us free from stress and we feel like everything is possible and achievable. These are positive emotions that we sometimes suffer for them in a daily life, especially if we are pessimistic. However, even we don’t prefer to feel angry, sad, disappointed or etc. we still can find a way to use these negative emotions for a better decision.

I hate feeling angry especially. Anger is such a strong feeling that it ruins everything you want. When you are angry, your mind creates unbelievable scenarios about the events that are the source of anger at first. You really lose control of mind. Your mind starts travelling from past to future than back to past, to find out something related that happened before to use for defense and something to use for revenge or attack. You can be so harsh that you can create a scenario that will give the worst harm to gain back advantage.

Do you think that, at this point of view, feeling angry can help you to the way out? Can you make a good decision when you are filled with such anger? Do you really think that after imagining all these scenarios about how to take revenge, can you avoid any of the scenarios?

So, what can we do to protect our mind power from been affected by anger. We all have to know how to face with anger and control it. If you have serious anger problems, you must learn anger management at first. Unless you can control anger, you cannot achieve your life purpose. However, there is the other side of anger that we can benefit from.

Researchers; Brett Q. Ford and Maya Tamir both of Boston College found out that some of the negative emotions like anger which we all try to escape can have a benefit.

Ford says, “Emotions can vary in what they make you want to do. Fear is associated with a motivation to avoid, whereas excitement is associated with a motivation to approach. It can make you want to seek out certain things, like rewards.”

Their research showed that we cannot tell that negative emotions trigger negative reactions. Although anger is a negative emotion, like excitement it motivates you to reach for the reward while making a decision. Anger makes you give your attention to the reward and look for it.

“Looking at something is the first step before the thoughts and actions that follow.” says Ford. “Attention kicks off an entire string of events that can end up influencing behavior.”

No matter why, if you can focus on the reward you can get it. When you are angry at anything, you can still prefer the right option which can take you to your purpose of life.

There is something you must not forget! Although anger can motivate you to get the reward, there are various ways to get it and you must avoid choosing the way that can be aggressive. This is the point where anger management is vitally important. Unless you can control your anger, you cannot use it.

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Nil Celen is a researcher for the proofs of "Mind Power" based on scientific resources. Researches from Worldwide universities on neuroscience, psychology and much more topics can give you a new perspective about "Mind Power" and how to use it.

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