Hemorrhoids, best known as piles is a health disorder characterized by protuberance of soft balloon-like veins around anal region. According to the location of piles, this health disorder can be divided either as internal or external. Lots of factors contribute in the formation of this health disorder. Common causes contributing for hemorrhoids problem include varicose veins, pregnancy, constipation, lack of physical exercise and ageing. Nowadays, there are several remedial measures available for treating hemorrhoids or piles. Best cure for hemorrhoids troubles functions by treating the underlying cause of problem. Maintaining proper diet schedule is a natural remedial measure recommended to treat hemorrhoids problems.

Those patients suffering from piles are advised to avoid the intake of spicy and fried food items in their diet schedule. Including a good amount of fiber rich food sources in diet is a safe cure suggested to prevent hemorrhoids. Intake of fiber rich foods improves digestion, prevents constipation and hardening of stools. Food sources with high fiber concentration include oat bran, dried herbs, dry roasted soybeans and flax seeds.

Regular doing of exercise is a natural remedial measure suggested to prevent hemorrhoids or piles. Practicing regular exercises helps in improving the overall health of person. It enhances metabolic functions of body and relieves the risk of hemorrhoids due to constipation troubles. Apart from improving digestion process of body, regular doing of exercise also helps in delivering other health benefits like improving cardiovascular functions, enhancing mood, increasing energy and stamina of person. Drinking plenty of water is one among the best suggested natural techniques to treat hemorrhoids or piles. In order to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids troubles, it is advised to drink at least ten to fifteen glasses of water per day. It enhances the functioning of digestive system and prevents hemorrhoids due to indigestion. Reducing constipation problems, preventing headache and improving skin tone are other health benefits of drinking surplus water.

Intake of a mixture of spinach and carrot juice is an effective cure for treating hemorrhoids or piles. This herbal remedy helps in improving the overall health of person safely. It is a perfect cure recommended for ceasing bleeding due to hemorrhoids troubles. Intake of this herbal remedy helps in replacing iron loss due to hemorrhoids bleeding troubles. Other health advantages of including a mixture of spinach and carrot juice in diet include preventing hair loss, curing anemia, strengthening immune system and curing stomach ulcers.

Including figs in diet schedule is found to be as a safe cure for treating hemorrhoids or piles. It is a rich composition of essential nutrients like vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin B2, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Healthy bowel movement is one among the main advantages of including figs in diet. This in turn reduces constipation and prevents the risk of hemorrhoids or piles. Nowadays, fig is a widely prescribed cure for obese people who are suffering from hemorrhoids. Apart from preventing hemorrhoids, use of figs also helps in providing other health benefits like lowering cholesterol, strengthening bones and preventing macular degeneration.

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