How to tell a genuine psychic client by Beth Shepherd clairvoyant, tarot reader and therapist.

Everyone talks and thinks at great length about how an astrologer, tarot reader or clairvoyant must be genuine and must prove themselves but how about if we reverse this and ask if the client is genuine too? My office receives hundreds of queries each day, many of them are genuine and polite, but a sprinkling of them are aggressive, demanding, rude, nasty, scary and unfair. Where a genuine client books a reading, pays for it, receives it and then returns when they want another, an ungenuine client will write to us and say they paid for a consultation when they made no payment and try to insist that it somehow went through paypal and we need to refund them - when there was no transaction whatsoever. Or they pay for a very short quick basic reading and then try to demand that they receive a second one for free or a much longer and more in depth one for the same price.

The interesting thing is that most of these who try the aggressive, demanding, selfish, unfair, nasty or rude tactics with us are usually the same ones who tell us that their husband, wife , partner or lover has left them and will not come back! Hardly surprising if they try to bully people so much.

A true client would read the website properly, take in the information about the person and service and exactly what they get for their money. Not try to demand changes and improvements for free and not be aggressive.

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How to tell a genuine psychic client.

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