Entrepreneurs often choose to work at their own business because of the freedom to determine when and how hard they are going to work. Most solo entrepreneurs who make the decision to go into business, get to the point where they realize that the only “security” in work is in their own ability to make money with their skills and confidence!

Most adults who work full time are overwhelmed with everything they have to get done. Unfortunately, in the US, the work week has gotten longer, vacation times shorter, and even the work day has expanded. Many people working in JOBS (Just Over Broke) find themselves brining their work home, and losing that important boundary that separated home from work. People are working longer and harder hoping that it will save their jobs. That is not always the case.

It all leads to worry. And worry leads to focus on negativity; which leads to more worry. This is a vicious cycle that can end up getting you physically ill!

Worrying is like pre-paying a toll for a bridge you may never cross.
Lianda Ludwig

The fact is, when you focus on worry, you lose sight of the good things and the positive events in your life. Worrying doesn’t prevent a result, but makes your body experience that negative event time and time again in your imagination! Furthermore, the negative event that you spent time worrying about may never actually come to pass! So what you have done is get yourself upset for no reason! For many people, that upset become dis-ease and illness.


What can you do to change your worrying and anxiety? The first thing to change the negative focus of your thoughts is to become aware of your self-talk. We all have subconscious thoughts streaming through our minds when not actively focused or paying attention with the conscious mind. In fact, the result of time spent multi-tasking, has created a change in the physiology of your brain! It’s hard for many people to focus on one thing at a time. Your mind is continuously shifting back and forth from subconscious thought to conscious thinking.
• Have you ever driven to a destination and can’t remember how you got there?
• Have you ever been reading a book, only to have your eyes looking at the words while your mind has been somewhere else, and you have to RE-read the page?
• Has someone been talking to you, and you are “a thousand miles away”?
• Have you put your keys down, only to “forget” where they are within minutes?
This is very common, and the good news is that you can re-train your brain to pay attention. Multi-tasking has changed the connections in your brain, but you can re-learn how to pay attention, with determination and focus.
When you find that your mind is flapping around like a fish pulled out of water, it’s time to STOP what you’re doing. Remove yourself (if possible) from the situation or physical place where you are, and go to a quieter environment (if at all possible). If you’re at work, you may even have to go to the bathroom for a quiet place!
Say to yourself, I AM alright. I AM taking care of myself. I CAN confidently choose to focus my thoughts and feelings.
Take a few SLOW breaths in AND OUT through your nose. If possible, extend the time to exhale, as it engages the calming system in your body.
It’s not easy to clear your mind as is done in meditation. Instead recall a joyful event in your life, and put yourself back into it; as if you were in a dream. Try to engage all your senses into the memory: sights, sounds, smells, touch…. as if you are there now. If your mind shifts back into the negative pattern, as soon as you are aware, tell yourself: That’s ok, but now I’m going back to my heartfelt memory.
You will feel a great calming effect if you practice doing this a few times a day. When you are feeling more at ease, literally ask your heart: What would be a better way to deal with this worry? And then quietly listen for an answer. Don’t be surprised if you get a great answer from your heart!

Following this practice is a great way to charge your batteries! And you know what happens if you don’t charge your battery? You won’t have the power to go on!

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