It is estimated that the US has over 90 million snorers but it is the UK which formally recognizes for a whole week each year, the problem suffered by 4 out of 10 British males and 3 out of ten British females. (and not to forget the millions of partners, family members and neighbours who suffer sleep--disturbed nights as a result of the snoring).

The National Stop Snoring Week, an annual event in April, is organized by The British Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA) to raise awareness of the problems and causes of snoring, and provide advice as to the best ways to stop snoring or ease the problem.
And the impact of snoring is not just related to physical wellbeing, as their press release supporting the 2005 National Stop Snoring Week cites the following facts about snoring:
85% of snorers in the UK snore every night.
81% of the partners of snorers do not get enough sleep because of snoring.
Half of all partners of snorers feel tired in the morning.
One third of partners of snorers feel irritable.
89% of partners of snorers sleep in separate rooms because of snoring.
More than half of all couples argue about snoring.
85% of couples say their relationship would be better if snoring stopped.
More than half of all couples say snoring affects their sexual relationship.
One third of couples admitted that they hardly ever make love because of snoring.
Two thirds of couples say they would make love more often is snoring stopped.
86% of snorers said they would like help is trying to stop snoring.

What is interesting is that these findings can be transferred to the other millions of snorers around the world who are being affected in this same way. But the disturbing part is that most couples are unaware that snoring is having that detrimental impact on their relationship, or they may realize too late as they contribute to the rising divorce rate.

We all need to take some action now and the first step is acknowledging that ‘Snoring is the silent relationship killer’ in your partnership.

The following can help reduce the impact of you snoring:
• Avoid eating big meals and drinking alcohol late at night.
• Maintain your ideal weight and exercise regularly.
• Reduce or even better still, stop smoking.
• Raise the head of the bed to keep your head from falling back.
• Sleep on your side (to stop your partner constantly nudging you to get you to roll on to your back, sew a ball in the back of a top to wear in bed or wedge a pillow under your back. There are also special support pillows you can buy to keep you sleeping on your side).
• Try to relax (playing soothing relaxation tapes before sleeping can help) and avoid becoming over stressed and over tired.
• Keep your nasal passages clear by using a humidifier, inhaling steam or rubbing a few drops of eucalyptus or olbas oil on your pillowcase (antihistamine tablets and/or anti-inflammatory nasal sprays may help; always check with the pharmacist that they're suitable for you, especially if you're taking other medicines).
For more serious snoring, medical advice should be sought.
Jennifer Ross-Taylor
Snoring Relationship Author

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Jennifer Ross-Taylor is the author of the recently launched eBook “Is Snoring Destroying Your Relationship While You Sleep?”

Her book, based on personal experiences, explains why snoring is called 'the silent relationship killer' as it can destroy relationships without couples even being aware of it happening. While the physical effect of snoring is often talked about, it is rarely linked to reduced intimacy and failing relationships.

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Jennifer Ross-Taylor
Snoring Relationship Author