How to stop smoking! If you need to know how to stop smoking this article is designed to help you quit now and finally put nicotine addiction behind you forever – even if you've tried to quit in the past unsuccessfully.

Before we get into methods of quitting, we must first analyze the reasons why it seems like such an impossible feat. It's no great mystery that nicotine addiction is established both physiologically and emotionally; but what is greatly misunderstood is the impact each has on the inability to quit smoking. All too often, there is a huge emphasis placed on the physical withdrawal symptoms of nicotine addiction and no where near enough attention placed on spiritual and emotional recovery – which is vital in learning how to stop smoking forever.

Here are a few core beliefs that make it almost impossible to quit smoking:

  • I enjoy smoking too much
  • I can't cope without cigarettes
  • I don't deserve to live healthfully
  • I'm too addicted to even try to quit
  • Feelings are too intense without tobacco
  • If I quit smoking I will gain an obscene amount of weight
  • If I didn't smoke I would have nothing to do in times of boredom
  • Smoking is the only outlet that keeps me sane when life gets too difficult

Every one of these beliefs are lies that have been fed to you by nicotine addiction for years. Every time you've lit up a cigarette you reaffirmed each one of these beliefs and more. It's time to start telling yourself the truth and exposing the lies of your nicotine addiction. You can live without cigarettes! You can learn how to feel your emotions and deal with life on life's terms! You can quit and you deserve the chance at a longer, more productive life!

I Enjoy Smoking too Much

While this is a mantra repeated by the majority of smokers, the reality is: Over 90% of smokers active in their nicotine addiction secretly – or publicly – wish they could quit. 'I enjoy smoking,' is almost like saying, 'I'm comfortable feeling hatred.'

Neither statement is true...hurtful feelings are not comfortable...They're familiar. Familiarity does not equate to comfort...It keeps you feeling undeserving of a comfortable life. This outlook keeps you chained to all the devastating emotions that led you to want to escape in the first place. Recovery is right around the corner; and you can finally start to let all that pain go!

If you want to change the way you think about the enjoyment factor of smoking in order to quit, smoke every last cigarette you have left back to back...RIGHT NOW! Smoke them until you feel like you're going to puke...Smoke them until your throat is harsh and you've got a headache that won't quit. Then, if you have any left, flush them down the toilet! Then...

Reaffirm you Decision to Quit Now With a List of Powerful Reasons

What has been locked inside your head every time you've smoked or bought another pack or carton of cigarettes? Were there thoughts like, “I need to quit smoking,” or, “I can't keep paying for these things!” Most likely, the answer is, “Yes!”

Give that voice in the back of your head some power! Get all that truth onto paper so you can look at it regularly to prevent you from a nicotine relapse. It may look something like this:

I have to quit...

  • For my health
  • For my family
  • For my children
  • To be more productive at work
  • To save off the cost of cigarettes
  • Because I'm coughing incessantly
  • Because I always have trouble breathing
  • So I can finally quit smelling like an ashtray
  • Because I no longer want to feel like a social outcast

Create a Recovery Tracklist

A recovery track list will keep you on track with your success and allow you to see your progress. To start, you are going to primarily be tracking your smoking habits and triggers. You can create simple columns in your recovery track list like: When my craving it, why it came, and when I actually smoked. You can feel free to get more involved as you go, as well, focusing on the emotional part of your addiction. For a more detailed recovery tracklist plan, Google 'recovery track list for addiction.'

Join a Stop Smoking Group

Surrounding yourself with supportive individuals will prove to be the main cornerstone of your recovery from nicotine addiction. There are thousands of recovering smokers both online and in local fellowship meetings around the globe who know how to stop smoking and are willing to show you the way. Start right away building your quit line of support so you're not left all alone in the fight against nicotine addiction.

Don't put off finding support until you lose your desire to quit. Get hooked up now in communities like Become and Ex dot org, Stop Smoking Now for Life and other supportive online quit smoking communities. Learn from recovering smokers who have quit themselves how to quit cigarettes and stop smoking now!

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