How To Stop An Anxiety Attack Now: How To Decrease Panic Attacks

Here's a brand new way for you to stop panic attacks. It's based on the simple idea of separating each area of your life into a small, bite-sized chunk, and then measuring which of those areas is causing you the most anxiety.

I like to think of this as exploding your life and analyzing the inividual pieces that are left.

It sounds complicated, but it's not. Let me show you how it's done.

Stop Panic Attacks Chunk By Chunk

First of all, you need a list of each of the main areas of your life. I've prepared a list for you so this exercise is as simple as possible for you to complete.

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Here's the list of all the areas in your life that matter:

Friends and Family
Fun and Recreation
Physical Environment
Personal Growth

Some of these areas may seem more relevant than others, but trust me when I say they are all important when you're trying to stop panic attacks.

Go through this list of 8 items, one at a time, stopping on each one for a few minutes. Give each of the 8 items on the list a mark from 1 to 10, with 1 meaning it causes you no anxiety and with 10 meaning it causes huge anxiety.

You may want to put the results into a chart or bar graph, because it can help a lot to see each of these items compared in some sort of visual form.

However you decide to look at your results, study them carefully.

It's amazing what this little exercise can uncover.

If you notice a pattern than all your anxiety comes from your job and your money worries, focus all your attention on tackling that.

If, on the other hand, you notice that all your anxiety is caused by a lack of fun and personal growth, then you know to switch your focus to yourself and to personal development.

Take the results from this exercise and use what you discover to help you stop panic attacks.

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Anxiety or panic attacks are triggered when your already high anxiety levels are further increased when you are faced with a stressful event or situation. For example, in a crowd at a football game, a crowded supermarket, driving in the rush hour, sitting an exam, and so on.

And this happens because your elevated anxiety has fooled your body into believing that you are in a dangerous situation, so that your body's primeval reaction is to set-up its 'fight or flight' response, to help you survive. This entails the automatic triggering of many chemical and other changes in your body.

But you aren't in any danger, and you know this -- your body's defense mechanism only 'thinks' you are due to your 'spike' of anxiety -- so these changes you feel alarm you, because they don't make sense. The changes result in the typical symptoms of an anxiety or panic attack; nausea, sweating, tightness in chest, racing heart, shallow / rapid breathing, tingling extremities, dizziness and a feeling of impending doom, etc.

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Now, your doctor can give you drugs to take, both to lower your general anxiety in between attacks and to help during an anxiety attack. But these have a list of bad side effects, including dependency issues. And, they tend only to address the symptoms, not the root cause(s) of anxiety and panic attacks. So victims of this horrible condition are increasingly using the benefits of natural remedies.

There are many herbal and homeopathic remedies to tackle both general anxiety and associated panic / anxiety attacks. But I don't wish to discuss those here, rather, I want to talk to you about perhaps the most critical aspect of anxiety attacks and why, unless you can overcome this, you will find it very difficult to prevent recurring anxiety attacks...

And this is your subconscious or conscious 'fear' of having more anxiety attacks. This very fear can drive your elevated anxiety over-the-top into another attack. Of course, another panic attack just means that your fear will only be increased even more. This is a vicious cycle that you need to break to eliminate your anxiety attacks. Herbs alone are unlikely to do this, but there are special techniques that can.

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Let's get this out of the way first; the symptoms of anxiety or panic attacks are much the same in women as in men. But, women are two to three times more likely to suffer anxiety attacks than men.

So what are the symptoms that provide such a terrifying experience for both women and men? Here are some of the most common symptoms.

choking sensation
shortness of breath
tightness across chest
dizziness / lightheadedness
racing heartbeat
shaking / trembling
hot / cold flashes
tingling in extremeties
strong need to go to the toilet
feeling of detachment from reality
feeling of impending doom

But where on earth do these symptoms come from? To answer that you need to understand what causes an anxiety attack in the first place...

Anxiety attacks (also called panic attacks) are caused when your body triggers its primeval 'flight or flight' response when it believes you are in physical danger. This sets off a train of chemical and other changes in your body that prepares you to be able to fight or run away from the 'danger' more efficiently, in order to give you the best chance of survival. But you aren't in any danger, it's just that your body's defense mechanism thought you were. So how did it make this mistake?

Well, under normal circumstances, if you yourself are instinctively aware of a dangerous situation, your anxiety and stress levels will rise to such an extent that they signal your senses that you are in danger, so your automatic defenses take over. That's how things normally work.

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But if you already have very high stress and anxiety in your life, all it takes is a stressful event or situation on top of your general anxiety to shoot your anxiety up high enough that your defenses mistake this as a signal that you are in some physical danger, thus triggering the fight or flight response. The chemical and other changes manifest themselves in the symptoms we refer to as an anxiety attack.

So you can now see that anxiety attacks symptoms cannot cause you any harm, and this is a medical fact. Grasping the significance of this fact is probably the most important step in helping you to eliminate your attacks, or, at the very least, reducing their intensity and length.

The second most important step is to understand that by concentrating on your symptoms and analysing them only prolongs the attack and makes it more intense. Remember that this is an emotional condition, not a physical one. So focus outwardly on your surroundings; people, buildings, trees, etc.

Finally, you need to get your oxygen / carbon dioxide ratio back in balance because your hyperventilating has knocked it out of kilter. You do this by using controlled, slow, deep breathing using your abdomen as well as your chest. Re-breathing into a paper bag or similar is also very good for this.

These are three very good tips to help control your anxiety attack symptoms. But to prevent future anxiety attacks you have first to get rid of your unconscious or conscious fear of having them. This fear alone can be the trigger for anxiety attacks and, so long as it's with you, it will hold up your complete cure.

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Overcoming agoraphobia involves overcoming panic attack syndrome. This is because agoraphobia is born of panic. So, the treatment involves curing panic attacks and then slowly becoming acclimated to places outside the home. The good news is this can certainly be accomplished with a little resolve.

When a person experiences a panic attack, the place this panic occurred will be associated with the panic itself. So, the person who experienced a panic attack will stay away from the place the panic occurred. Usually, a person one can get away with scratching off two or three places from the list of those he or she will visit. However, when the places to be avoided grow to a larger number, the panic sufferer often finds he or she will end up not leaving home at all.

Fear of Leaving Home Equals Agoraphobia

When this happens the panic sufferer will also be suffering from agoraphobia. Whenever a person is afraid to leave home, this person is diagnosed as having this condition. Those who are suffering from it fear anything outside the home and in particular, the sufferer has a great fear of wide-open spaces.

The Treatment

The treatment involves learning the genesis of a panic attack. After all, an agoraphobia sufferer will suffer panic attacks at home as well. So learning how to deal with panic is necessary. The patient must learn how to not try to avoid the feelings anxiety and panic overwhelms him or her with. The trick is to learn how to accept everything panic throws at you. Then, he or she must learn how to actually try to intensify panic's feelings.

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Once the panic sufferer is able to do this, he or she will realize panic will no longer be the aggressor. After this happens, the battle over panic will soon be won by the panic attack sufferer. The next step is to learn how to get back out into the world.

Re-entering the World

It is best if the person overcoming agoraphobia has a companion who will be with him or her in the first few voyages outside the home. The first sojourn outside of the house may be only a few steps away from the front door. This is fine. The goal is just to become acclimated to anyplace outside of the house.

Day by day the patient should go a little further out into the world. If the progress is very slow, often the patient will become inpatient and want to stray a little further or, perhaps go to someplace in particular, like a grocery store. This is the way overcoming this condition is approached.

When progress is being made slowly the patient will usually take the impetus to proceed further away from home. However, if the person is forced to go outside, or forced to go a long way from home, the sufferer's fear will only become greater and overcoming agoraphobia will be much more difficult.

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