Are you frustrated with acne? Have you gotten the prescription or TV advertised stuff in hopes of seeing your beautiful face again, only to be disappointed? Have you considered the possibility that there are some time-tested methods that are less than common but may actually work better? We are here to tell you that you can have your beautiful skin again and you may not even need to pay a penny to do so.

Let’s run through “The Don’t” list. Don’t expose yourself to the sun much, if at all; just don’t forget to supplement your diet with Vitamin D. Don’t eat sweets unless those sweets are fresh fruit or honey. Don’t eat simple fibers such as pasta and white bread. Stay away from fast food and other foods high in saturated fats or high in salt/sodium. Avoid touching your face. Don’t pop your acne, especially with your fingers; it is usually okay to do it with sterilized tools (wash them in rubbing alcohol between each pop.) At this point you may say, “What’s the point of even living, if I can’t do any of these?” Well trust me these habits are an excellent way to avoid all future health problems not just prevent your acne outbreak. Although some of the above are to be never done, the truth of the matter is that it’s okay to do one every once in a while, just don’t do it before a big date.

If you only follow the above plan than you have won half the battle, however there are a few more secret remedies that will prevent the worst of your breakouts. Start with a different type of facial that doesn’t involve putting green goop on your face. You boil a large pot of water, purified if possible, and while it is boiling, “hover” your face over the steam. Make sure you are careful not to lean on any hot surface and that your face is far enough away to avoid getting any hot water on your face. Stay in the hot steam (eyes closed) for about five minutes. Some variations of this include wrapping a towel around your face (what you might see in an older movie if someone had a tooth ache) or taking the hot pot off the stove before putting your face into the steam, either of these may be applied for similar results. Once the steaming has been done, wash your face with cold water. Doing this several times a week should dramatically reduce your pimples.

Because of the “facial” your pores should be all opened up now and the crud washed out. This may be all that you need to do to prevent your acne and you may want to test that before you move onto the more drastic next step which involves soaking up the oils and relaxing your skin with a simple but rather expensive paste. You make the paste by combining oatmeal and honey and applying it directly to your face. Although this method traditionally dates back to the nineteenth century and perhaps even earlier, science actually validates it now and finds it to be even more effective than thought before. It works in a two step process, first with the oatmeal soaking up the excess fats and oils and second with the honey hydrating the skin and killing the bacteria that causes the acne. Actually, honey has now been realized to be so effective in clearing acne and restoring youthful skin in general that you may need to look far and wide to find a professional product that doesn’t use it. Apply this paste to your face for perhaps fifteen to thirty minutes and again wash it off with cool to cold water. This can become a rather expensive procedure but if it is within your reach, doing this after every facial is typically best.

If you follow the above and include at least two daily face washings with a natural soap, or even better is to be more specific and use the 100% natural, acne soap, then you should now be more or less acne free. If acne still troubles you after following the above procedures then you have a truly heavy case indeed and we are almost inclined to say that you are not following “The Don’t” list very well. However there are exceptions so we’ll mention that there are a few targeted type remedies that are more hit or miss, in other words they deal with more rare causes of acne. You can use your favorite search engine to look up how to use eggs, essential oils and even herbs to treat for acne problems. Some of these remedies are truly experimental so be sure you have a few days you can use to call in sick in case you have to stay at home and deal with an unforeseen reaction.

Now that you know these remedies you can truly be acne free and without pounding your face with heavy duty chemicals that cause pain, redness, and in fact do more damage than good. The neat part is that these methods tend to be even more effective than the stuff advertised on TV or prescribed by your doctor. Why don’t you give them a try and bring on your best face forward.

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