A large number of infants and older kids suffer from mild respiratory infections every year. Respiratory infections are categorized into two parts – upper respiratory tract infections and lower respiratory tract infections. The upper respiratory system comprises of nose, sinuses, mouth and throat. Pediatrician often tells us that kids who are suffering from upper respiratory infection may feel congested and uncomfortable, says a pediatrician from the best child specialist in Panchkula.

While the upper respiratory tract infections constitute of nostrils to the larynx which also includes sinuses and the middle ear, lower respiratory tract covers trachea, bronchi, bronchioles and the alveoli. It is not limited to just the respiratory system; it may also have an effect on an extension of microbial infections, lung dysfunction and inflammation in the organ. Diseases like a whooping cough and measles are curable but can attack respiratory tract. Respiratory issues are the most common illness among children under five years of age no matter what financial conditions they have. However, countries with lower income may have higher or severe disease proportion.

How to Keep Children Protected?

  • Covering your mouth while coughing is very important. To stop the spread of infectious germs, it is essential to cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. Staying away from crowds when there are widespread cold and flu viruses is advised by the best pediatrician in Panchkula to avoid any kind of respiratory infections.
  • Workout, cardio or any kind of some kind of physical activity is suggested by the doctors to stay fit. Children should be asked to play outdoor games to build a stronger immune system. Physical activities help in efficiently transporting oxygen to various parts of the body and increase metabolism.
  • During the peak season, get your children vaccinated to keep them healthy and away from lung diseases.
  • Wearing a mask helps avoid breathing dust, smoke, gases and fumes. As the air quality in Delhi NCR region is poor, a pediatrician in Panchkula advises patients who are prone to lung infections to wear a mask.

If your child is facing serious lung problems, consult the best pediatrician in Panchkula to avoid any further complications. Consulting a doctor is a better option than trying self-medication as it often leads to a delay in treatment. Refer to a mother and child hospital Panchkula if you are in the town.

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