Playing guitar fast and clean doesn't need to take a long time. Using speed bursts gives you a big shortcut to guitar speed mastery.

Speed bursts are short combinations of notes played at or near your 100% top speed, with moments of silence in between.

Why practicing guitar with speed bursts makes your guitar playing cleaner and faster:

Reason #1. Hearing 2-hand synchronization flaws at your top speed becomes easy.

Speed bursts make you more aware of flaws you never notice during slow tempo practice. These observations tell you what mistakes to pay attention to when you slow down. Your guitar practice time becomes more efficient compared to practicing mindlessly. This avoids boredom, makes you more motivated to practice guitar and helps you improve much faster.

Reason #2. You gain a new way to challenge yourself.
Most guitarists only challenge themselves by gradually increasing the metronome tempos at which they practice. Speed bursts allow you to stay at the same fast speed, while increasing the number of notes you play at that speed. You start with a short burst and extend it by a few notes at a time until the whole phrase is mastered.


Choose a guitar phrase to practice. Begin playing notes 1-6 of that phrase at your max speed. When you are confident that these notes are played cleanly, add one more note. Now you are playing notes 1-7. Keep adding 1 note at a time until you are able to play the entire phrase at your top speed. Once this is done, increase your top speed and start over with another short burst.

Reason #3. You train your ear to process notes at faster speeds.

Hearing notes distinctly at fast speeds is a very important prerequisite for actually playing guitar fast and clean. Practicing guitar in short speed bursts makes it easy to focus on every note you play as you play it. Focusing on a specific note in the phrase improves your ability to hear and correct mistakes in real-time. Alternate your focus from one note to another to make your playing perfect. Extending your speed burst improves your ability to hear music at faster speeds and makes your guitar playing faster and cleaner.

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