Want to become a more expressive and creative guitar player?

Making small adjustments can go a long way.

What do I mean?

Try this out:

Take 5 minutes and a handful of notes.

Then, focus on not ending all your guitar phrases within a single bar. Make some of your licks end in the next bar too.

After practicing this for just 5 minutes, you quickly notice how your guitar phrases start becoming more creative.

Not sure how to practice this perfectly?

Let me show you – watch this video to see a demonstration:


It’s incredibly frustrating when you want to play guitar solos that sound amazing but have no idea how to do it.
Don't worry though!
Many people go through this same struggle.
So, what are you going to do to finally play highly creative guitar solos?
Stop making the same mistakes so many others make.
Take a moment to examine your soloing and make sure you aren’t making the following creativity-killing mistakes:

Mistake #1: Trying To Play At Super-Fast Speeds Constantly
Fact: It takes a lot of time to become a fast and clean guitarist. However, you don't need to constantly play fast in order to show this to people.
Speed should be a tool you use to make your guitar solos sound intense at the right moments. It’s cool to rip up and down the fretboard sometimes for sure – but don't fall into the trap of overdoing it.

Mistake #2: Wasting Notes While Soloing
It’s common for guitarists to memorize scale patterns, then play up and down them in a mindless manner while soloing. Problem is, this doesn’t sound very musical.
Playing amazing guitar solos that sound expressive and creative is about HOW you play notes, not (as much) the notes themselves. This makes it critical that you learn how to use excellent phrasing in order to squeeze as much emotion from every note you play.
This turns your guitar solos into short pieces of music rather than just repetitive exercises.

Mistake #3: Not Learning From The Solos Of Great Guitarists
Sure, you probably already practice playing solos (or sections of solos) from some of your favorite guitarists.
Possibly one of the funniest things to do on guitar!
However, your guitar playing creativity goes through the roof when you practice solos like this while specifically using them to work on elements like phrasing. This is how you quickly absorb their technical and creative skills into your own playing!

How is this done? Learn how by studying this resource titled:

How To Add Fire & Emotion To Any Guitar Lick… Even If You Can’t Play Fast Yet

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