By now, the important place that holding an attitude of gratitude occupies in personal/spiritual development and even practical planning has received enough mainstream press to be passe. My intent here is to revitalize the concept by returning to the basics, as many who've approached me in distress recently express being so enlightened that they cannot pay the rent. Clearly, something is missing in the foundation!

How much do you desire to improve your life, renew your spirit, increase your abundance flow? Can you state your goals in more specific terms? Do you have a picture of the end result you desire? Do you know where to begin? Let's start with right NOW. Really - take a few moments right now and call to mind what you're most grateful for in this moment. I have confidence in you. So indulge me, and start with the top 6. I'll even help you out:

1. If you're reading this, you have or have access to some type of technology. Fancy you!

2. You're probably sitting in a chair. Where did it come from? Who designed it? Packed & delivered it?

3. You're likely wearing clothing. Who made it? How did the fabric come into being?

4. You have your eyesight and can read. Who taught you?

5. You can type - though these days all it takes is two thumbs - and probably have other computer skills.

6. You recently ate, or will. Where did your food come from? Who prepared it? Where is it stored?

While all of these items listed are likely basic for you, that's untrue for some individuals, some communities, even some countries. Take a moment now - yes, NOW - and inhale the love all around you. Exhale gratitude for these "obvious" factors in your life. It's the obvious that we can tend to take for granted the most. Quite a few people contributed to the moment that you're experiencing right now. Someone designed and built the technology. Someone created the chair and desk, and someone placed them wherever they are now. Someone made your clothing. Look how much support you have in the world, just sitting there attached to your technology!

Let's go deeper. Outside of your electronic equipment, what other factors are present in your life? Who are the people that care for you? How did those relationships grow? Where do you reside now? How did that evolve? Certainly each of us has personal circumstances and relationships to be grateful for. Even - and especially - the challenging ones teach us something and help us to grow.

What did you enjoy today? What are you looking forward to enjoying tomorrow? Next week? Through the rest of the year?

The point is to keep your attitude positively focused. An attitude of gratitude lifts our spirits and opens the pathway for more blessings and abundance to flow, including the ability to take practical steps forward. The more abundance that flows through us, the happier we feel and the more service we can provide, including to ourselves.

Try keeping a gratitude journal. At the end of each day, consider and log the things you feel grateful for from that day. Use a special notebook if it suits you. Make it a special ritual at a certain time each day, with a candle, etc. if it suits you. Enjoy that time that you create for yourself to acknowledge your flow of blessings and abundance.

Miracles and blessings!
Dr. Renee

T. Renee Richardson, DD
“The AmBadassador of Light!”

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