If the 7th sub lord signifies 5-11,after marriage the couples will be affectionate to each other.They lead a very happy marital life without any arguments or quarrels.

If it signifies 5–11 and 4–10 the love between them will fluctuate according to situations. The native experience mixed results as per the DBA. They will not take divorce.

If the 7th sub lord signifies 2–7–11, 6–12 or 5–11,4–6–10–12 then after marriage they will take divorce.

If the 7th sub lord signifies 2–5-7–11 and 6 then the couples lead happy marital life along with some arguments and quarrels.

If the 7th sub lord signifies 4–10 along with 2–7–11,then marriage will happen but it would be a mechanical marital life. They marry only to have social status.I mean as everyone got married they also will get married.There won't be any caring or sharing in the relationship. At the same time they will not get seperarated or take divorce.They will maitain the relationship only for the society.

If 5th sub lord signifies 2-7–11 then love marriage is promised. If the 7th sub lord also signifies 5–11 then the love after marriage will continue.

If the 5th sub lord signifies 5–11 and 4–10–12 then love will fail and will not lead to marriage as it is not connected with 7th house.

If the 5th house signifies 5–11 but not 7 then love is successful,they will have relationships, but it doesn't lead to marriage.

If the 5th sub lord signifies 7–11 and 6–12 then love marriage will happen but will end up in divorce.

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