Even if you aren’t a licensed or experienced hypnotist, you can easily learn how to hypnotize someone. All you need are the right principles for successful hypnotism and the right environment.

You can try learning how to hypnotize someone by using a close friend or family member as a subject. This will easily enhance the state of trust and confidence that a subject needs to have in the hypnotist to make this more effective.

1. Remember that in order to learn how to hypnotize someone, you need to place them in a quiet room that is conducive for relaxation and a state of calmness. This is the first and most important foundation you need when learning how to hypnotize someone. You will not be able to hypnotize someone who is undergoing stress, or is distracted by factors in their physical environment.

It would also help to dim the lights, and you can even add some incense or candles if you wish to help the subject relax easier.

2. The second step in how to hypnotize someone is to tell them to relax, and help them through the process. It may take 10-15 minutes for the subject to achieve a state of complete relaxation, through which you can enhance by telling them to breathe in through their nose and breathe out through their mouth.

3. The third step is to help them achieve a deeper state of calmness and relaxation by allowing them to expel all their worries and negative tension. The best way to do so is by telling the subject to assign a thought they would like to dispel, each time they breathe out, mentally giving them the concentration to get rid of negative vibrations. Complete and utter peace is essential if you want to know how to hypnotize someone. During your first few tries, remember that it may take longer than 15 minutes, but don’t worry because with just some patience and more practice, you will be able to master it perfectly.

4. The fourth step in learning how to hypnotize someone is by asking your subject to imagine a cool, soothing liquid that is slowly filling them up from the feet up to the head.

5. Now that you’re at the final step in learning how to hypnotize someone, this is the time your subject has reached that state of deep relaxation and trance, and is able to easily accept your suggestions. At this point, you can suggest an idea or a thought that you would like your subject to agree to. This suggestion or idea can be just about anything. If your subject is a smoker, you may be able to suggest quit smoking hypnosis. It can also be helpful to suggest any cures to negative habits, such as getting out of a bad relationship.

With these 5 simple steps, you can easily learn how to hypnotize someone. Don’t beat yourself up if it’s not successful the first time around; remember that you can always try to learn how to hypnotize someone again.

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