The most intimate communication we know is a heart-to-heart talk. When you’re in deep understanding and alignment, the conversation shifts. You move closer. You lean in. Your voices grow softer. Whenever you’re part of this kind of exchange, the topic has intense meaning to both of you. There is also a feeling of safety where both of you are free to share your thoughts.

Marketing is also communication. Once a one-directional broadcast via TV, radio or print, you now have the ability to create a conversation with your prospects through blogging with comments, social media, and open-line Q&A calls. You talk and your peeps listen, then your peeps talk and you listen. This opens the door wide for feedback, so valuable to your marketing strategy.

But what about setting up for those powerful heart-to-heart talks that will connect you with the people you love to work with? It’s simple. Get to know your prospects—what they love, what they fear, what they crave. Find out what turns them on and what turns them off. Get to know them like you know your favorite clients.

Here are 5 questions to ask your best clients:

1. What problem prompted you to seek help? This will help you identify the stress points that are leading people your way. With this information you can state these problems in the form of a question such as: “Feeling anxious about your child’s college bills?”

2. What was it that made you decide to work with me? This is the tipping point where the decision is made and incredibly powerful for your sales conversations.

3. What part of our process has given you the most benefit? This answer might surprise you because what your clients see as the best part is often something you overlook yet this is what you should talk about and focus on in your marketing.

4. What is the greatest result you’ve had overall from working with me? Another way to find out those benefits. And dig deeper on this by following up with: “And what did that do for you?”

5. What would you tell a friend about me if you were to recommend me to them? Yet another tack for spotting those benefits.

Make a list of these answers, then compare them to find the patterns in the responses.

Here’s where this gets exciting. When you discover the problems that brought your best clients to you and the results or benefits they have enjoyed you can use this information verbatim to market your business. You’ll know to emphasize in your headlines and articles. You’ll have your bullet points of benefits ready made.

These insights are the first step to creating your powerful heart-to-heart marketing message. From your heart to theirs, authentically and straightforward by plugging those into these statements:

Are you troubled by [problem from #1]? You can get [result in #4] sooner than you think.

I offer [statement from # 2], so you can get [result from #4].

Insider Secrets: 3 Ways to Eliminate [problem from #1] so you can [benefit from #4 and #5].

You get the drill. Now put it to work.

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