Business cards are underestimated as a marketing tool, yet it’s one of the things that we use most often in promoting our businesses. Your business card should be given careful consideration; something that someone will look at and get a very good idea not only of what you do, but what you can do for them.

So often we treat our business cards as only a way to hand out our phone number and website address, but that’s really a missed opportunity, and not the best use of your marketing dollars. You’ve got just one chance to make an impression (in person or not) and you’ve got the space, so use it well. Here are a few tips to help you create a business card that will pull clients to you, whether they’ve met you or not.

1. Make sure people know exactly what you do when they read your business card. For example, my own card doesn’t just say “coaching and consulting” with a catchy tagline, it also says “Helping you get more clients and make more money doing what you love.” Clear, simple and to the point.

2. Give people a reason to pick up the phone or go to your website. Don’t assume that they will naturally be curious enough about what you do to look further. Even if they are, remember, we’re all busy. Offer a complimentary consultation or a free download and state it right on your card. Make sure it’s something they need to take action on.

3. Use all of the “real estate” that you have. If you’re going to take the time and spend the money on business cards, you might as well get the most out of them. Don’t over-crowd the card, but make sure you use the back as well. This is a perfect place for your “compelling offer.”

4. Use your card as a referral tool. Wouldn’t we all love a business that was filled with referrals! So often this is a missed opportunity with business cards. Make sure you have specific information on your card so that even if someone has only met you once at a networking meeting, it is still very clear what you do and this is an easy referral. (This has happened for me on more than one occasion.)

The objective should be to have a business card that has a potential clients say, “Wow! I need this person!” when they read your card. It gives colleagues a way of describing what you do clearly and effectively when talking about you to others, and has an invitation to call or connect online. This can make all the difference between getting new clients from your card and not.

Your business card is part of your sales force, even when you’re not there to sell for yourself. It’s time to create a card that gets clients to call YOU.

Author's Bio: 

Hunter Phoenix is a Certified Life & Success Coach & Mentor, national speaker, author of "Perfect Lives and Other Fairy Tales" and the creator of the Life By Design™ & Biz Breakthrough™ Coaching Systems. She helps clients strike the sweet spot between simple self-care and accelerated growth, designing their lives and businesses rather than living them by default. Hunter has worked with men and women in the entertainment industry, the legal profession, health care industries, artists, executives, business owners and entrepreneurs across North America.