How To Get Insanely Faster Guitar Picking Speed (Shortcut)


By Tom Hess


What if I could give you a quick shortcut to adding insane amounts of speed into your guitar playing... and it made playing fast feel easier?


This shortcut comes in the form of a technique that the majority of guitar players don't really understand even if they have heard about it.


(This is why so many people get stuck with their speed and can’t get to a higher level.)


Once you understand and master it – your guitar speed goes through the roof.


If you are unsure about this technique being as powerful as I am saying - I get it.


This is the reason why I made a video to showcase how this technique works. Watch it out and improve your speed quickly:


To summarize the main point in the video…


…I encourage you to use directional picking for fast guitar speed.


I taught it to tons of guitar players for over two decades and I encourage you to use this approach for all your lead guitar soloing as well.


Maybe you're wondering:


“Tom Hess, if directional picking is so good, why have I never heard of guitarists using it?” 


Answer: Directional picking is a much newer guitar technique compared to alternate picking.


In other words:


The majority of fast guitar players from the past few decades did not have anyone to show them directional picking when they first started playing.


They increased their speed despite the inefficiencies of strict alternate picking… not because it is a superior technique. They had to put in a lot more, harder and longer work to achieve their goals.


Good news is, you don't have to do this.


Many of my guitar students now teach guitar speed shred technique to their students.


This is another frequent question I get about directional picking:


“Tom Hess, does directional picking only work for 3-note-per-string scales? What about for playing things like pentatonic scales or other scales?”


Answer: Directional picking can be used with anything you play.



Directional picking has the goal of using the most direct path to the next note you want to play.


Occasionally, this means using alternate picking.


And occasionally…


…the shortest path may require sweep picking.


Directional picking gives you the greatest efficiency and speed for the least amount of work.


Check out this video to see how to make your directional picking efficient and effortless:


Only using alternate picking forces your hand to move more than it needs to, wasting energy and efficiency.


Don't make yourself work harder than you need to!


Here is what to do when you practice directional picking:


What is the take-away point from all this?


Directional picking is the tool you need to play faster than ever before.


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Tom Hess is a highly successful guitar teacher, recording artist and composer. He teaches guitar players from all over the world in his online guitar lessons. Learn more on the Tom Hess Wikipedia page.