Do you want to succeed in your relationship?

Do you want to succeed in your education?

Do you want to succeed in your career?

Do you want to succeed in your business?

Do you want to succeed in your life?

No matter what our goals are, we all want to succeed. We have our own original paths to success but one of the most common methods we use is to search for the opportunities which can help us succeed.

How and where do you think you can find these opportunities?

There are lots of possibilities around us. Every choice we make turns on another possibility for our life. The opportunities are the details in these possibilities. If you can see the detail in a possibility you can change that possibility into opportunity. Unless you can notice the details hidden in the possibilities they will remain as usual possibilities and you couldn’t benefit from them.

The key is the details. You should notice the details which others don’t, that way you can choose the best way and succeed.

Possibilities are same for all of us. You can be whoever you want and you can live however you want. Both you and I can take the same possibility with different details and turn them into different opportunities for our success. On the other hand, another person just watches the same possibility passing by, predicting its details and not consciously thinking about it. So, they miss the advantage.

If the key is details, you should take control of your brain. Human brain processes too many information received from the world around us. As you know these inputs both loads the memory space and the brain uses too much power to process them. So our brains take action to prevent from being loaded and open space for the new memory.

* Our brain has the ability to compress the information which we perceive during the day, while we are sleeping. That way brain spares memory space for further information.

* Our brain also has methods to decrease the number of information to process. It uses the predictability of the world. When new visual or auditory information comes, our brains doesn’t process each and every detail , on the contrary it predicts what’s coming next and don’t pay attention. So, we can be missing some really important details because information has differences between them.

Researchers Keith Kluender, a psychology professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and assistant professor Timothy Rogers studied on how the human brain processes the visual or auditory information.

“In perception, whether visual or auditory, sensory input has a lot of structure to it,” said Keith Kluender.”Your brain takes advantage of the fact that the world is predictable, and pays less attention to parts it can predict.”

Source: University of Wisconsin-Madison News

These are necessary for our brains to work efficiently but, we need to take advantage of the possibilities so we need to notice the details. Knowing these properties of the brain, you should pay more attention consciously to what you think may be helpful for achieving your goals.

*Don’t miss an important detail

*Turn the possibilities into opportunities.


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