During the summer days, or any time of the day when it’s already very humid, the body automatically produces sweat. Sweating is the natural cooling method of the body. Once the sweat is already on the surface of the skin, it helps the body cool down and reduce its core temperature.

Unfortunately for some people, sweating is no longer just an automatic response to a high-temperature environment. Although it is normal for some people to sweat easily than others, there are those whose sweat glands are so hyperactive they would generate more sweat than is needed, and even when it is not needed. This is a condition called hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis is a very embarrassing condition for so many obvious reasons. Not only does it cause intense discomfort, it may also promote body odor. It is also very embarrassing to extend one’s hand in introduction when your hand is very moist and sticky. This is why people with hyperhidrosis are always looking for ways to permanently cure or at least deal with their excessive sweating.

Home Solutions

Many people cannot really afford to pay for more permanent solutions or cure for hyperhidrosis, so the simply have to learn how to cope with their excessive sweating. First and foremost, these people shouldn’t leave the house without a handkerchief, some tissue, and a spare shirt just in case they need to stay out from morning to evening. By nightfall, they’ll probably need to change so as to remain fresh and presentable to other people.

If the problem areas are under the arms, it is important to use deodorant every day. This is a definite must if there are extensive physical activities lined up for the day. Cologne is also a must, but people should remember not to apply some if they haven’t freshened up yet otherwise the smell of sweat and cologne will make things worse.

Baby powder and aluminum chloride also work similarly with deodorants, although the result is more temporary. The kind of body soap you use may also help or make matters worse. Look for one that can remove the accumulated dirt and residues from sweat and skin oils without drying your skin.

Botox Injections

Yes, botox can help resolve excessive sweating. It certainly isn’t just used for shaping the face and smoothening wrinkle lines. Botox contains Type A botulinum toxin, which effectively cuts off the neural control of sweat glands—zero signals to reproduce sweat, zero sweat produced. This is already a proven long-term solution whose effects may last for up to nine months. After that, if the problem reappears, a patient can just go back for another round of botox injections.

Surgery: A Permanent Solution

Going to a skin centre for surgery on hyperhidrosis should be a last resort. It is pricier than the other options because it is an invasive type of surgery. The sympathetic nerves are partially or wholly destroyed in this procedure. Sweat glands are also removed for good measure, but this is only done on patients who have an excess of sweat glands in their skin.

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