How to deal with a stubborn person

Do you know someone who is stubborn and doesn’t change his opinion? How can you deal with a stubborn person?

A stubborn person is one who refuses to change his mind about an idea, opinion, or an action that he wants to take, and refuses to give explanation to why he is resisting. Often times, it is hard to try to convince someone who is stubborn and doesn’t believe in anything except his ideas, so what makes a person stubborn?

Causes of stubbornness

1. The person defends his opinion

A stubborn person might feel that his opinion or idea is not liked by others and neglected, so he tries to make himself important by imposing his opinion on others.

2. Belief in his opinion

He might believe that what he thinks and believes is the truth and it is a fact, hence opposes anyone who doesn’t agree with him.

3. Pride

A stubborn person might oppose anyone who says he is wrong. This stubborn person might stick with what he thinks for the sake of his pride.

4. Inner feelings of inferiority

A person could be stubborn because he might feel that he is inferior compared to others. He tries to cover his weakness by screaming and imposing his opinion, so he can feel that he is better than everyone else.

Dealing with a stubborn person

To learn how to deal with a stubborn person, follow the quick guide below:

1. Be flexible

Learn to be flexible and don’t try to impose what you say on someone who is stubborn. When you try to force your opinion, this might lead to arguments. Try to find common ground with the person who is stubborn and try not to appear that you know more than him.

2. Respect his opinion

Don’t tell the stubborn person that he is wrong. A stubborn person doesn’t like it when someone tells him that he is wrong and he might close all doors of understanding and will not accept any other opinion.

3. Don’t attack

To make a stubborn person accept your point of view, you must not attack him. Try to show him during your discussion that this is how you feel regarding the idea based on what he said.

4. Agree to disagree

If the conversation gets heated, then it is better to agree to disagree. If you believe that the other person will not agree with you and he is being stubborn, then why you want to continue with the conversation?

5. Be patient

When you are with a stubborn person, you have to be patient. Don’t give him a chance to irritate and upset you.

6. Avoid rushing in speech

When you talk, you have to be careful which words to use. If you react in a negative way towards him without listening to his idea, he might put you in a difficult position. It is a good idea to mention something positive about his ideas each once a while, so you can encourage him to understand you better.

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