In order to live empowered, we must first activate what we want in our own life.  One way that we can begin doing this is by creating intentions.  An intention is a statement that literally establishes a direction for energy and then activates the experiences that we want.  Intentions can be inner or outer, with both being equally important. 

Inner vs. Outer Intentions
Inner intentions, as you may have guessed, has to do with how we want to feel, or an inner state of being that we want to experience.  Outer intentions, on the other hand, clarify what we want to accomplish, such as a task or errand.  While inner intentions and outer intentions are two separate entities, they are designed to work together.  For example, if you wake up in the morning, your intentions might be to clean your home (outer intention) as well as feel a sense of accomplishment (inner intention) when it is complete.  See how these two go hand in hand?

Setting Intentions
So, why is it important to purposely create intentions?  As you set intentions, you accomplish several goals.  First, you clarify what you want to accomplish and experience and secondly, you clarify how you want to direct your energy!  Once these clarifications have been made and articulated, your actions will naturally get into alignment with them.

Setting intentions is vitally important, but it really isn’t hard to do.  It is important to note, though, that all intentions should be created from a place of clarity and should deliberately name a frequency, and should not just be a mindless chant of words.  To get started, ask yourself what motivation is behind the action you want to accomplish?  For example, if you wish to lose weight, what is the reason?  Is it to be healthier?  Perhaps it is to boost your self esteem or to feel better about yourself?  These reasons would be your inner intentions!

Next, take time to visualize both your inner and outer intentions being fulfilled.  With the example of weight loss, think about stepping on the scale and seeing your goal weight appear.  Imagine wearing that dress or outfit in the size that is your goal.  Even picture yourself receiving compliments from people around you on how great you look and how much weight you have lost.  What you are doing is pre-paving your energy in advance in order to create a vibrational match to the energy of the inner and outer intention that you wish to activate!

Energy Suckers
Now, let’s briefly talk about things that get in the way of directing your energy, particularly energy suckers.  The first to recognize is your own mind as an energy sucker.  If you believe that setting an intention will not impact your experience or that it is illogical, this can drain your energy away from the outcome that you desire.  In instances when your mind tries to tell you that something like setting intentions is a waste of time or that it won’t work for you, you must recognize this as an energy sucker and override those negative thoughts.

Secondly, other people can become energy suckers.  Many times, people around you will not understand the process or support you in it.  They will try to talk you out of setting intentions and plant seeds of doubt in your mind.  The best way to prevent others from sucking your energy is to simply not share your intentions or processes with anyone who is not aligned.  As you begin to advance in your path, empower yourself, and have things work out for you, though, others will notice and ask what your secret is.  This will be your opportunity to share with them!

Let's get started
Begin by making a commitment, on an inner level, for one day and then set intentions throughout your day to go with this.  My day, as an example, begins with an inner intention that I will have a great morning, where everything works out, and that my body will be healthier.  My outer intentions that support these things usually include making a great breakfast and lunch for my husband and daughter, getting them both out the door on time, and completing a workout.  I envision myself feeling great afterwards and having my body feel less stiff the next day.  I also take time before I go into the office to meditate, journal, and script my workday, setting inner intentions of peace, great time management skills, and focus. 

Really, it only takes just a few short moments before an activity to set your inner and outer intentions and to envision the successful outcome.  If you find that you are struggling with something along the way, take another quick moment to hold up the vision of success, completion, and how the accomplishment will make you feel!

Empowerment Action Tip

ecome more conscious of when you are moving from each stage and activity each day, like a new scene in a movie.  Take a moment, then, and consider what your inner intentions and outer intentions are and then envision these being completed.  Begin to notice how you are feeling and what shows up!

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Wilson is the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at The Coaching from Spirit Institute. CFSI offers three tracks of training to support entrepreneurs and others to accomplish their business, career and life goals.

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