People often ask me, “Lisa, how is it that you create this amazing three-day event, you give, give, give; you teach, teach, teach and so many of the people who attend want to stay on and work with you further? How do you do it?”

One of our secrets is that we create an experience at our live events that attendees don’t want to end. We know what our ideal clients love and need and care about, and we use that knowledge to create an out-of-the-box experience they could not get anywhere else.

For instance, we know that our clients are very health and nutrition conscious, so we pay a lot of attention to our VIP lunches. We make sure that they eat well. Also, we’ve got signs up for everything: This is gluten-free. This is sugar-free. This is dairy-free. And our clients love it. They feel cared for and attended to. They’ve never seen that kind of special attention at any other event in our industry.

Our clients love to move, so at our events we always dance. We have awesome dance music during the whole event, and we always have a gala where we get together. It might be five o’clock in the afternoon and people are getting down!

We also find that teaching an end-to-end system, something that people can really go out and apply right away versus just a series of random ideas or points or speakers definitely attracts our people. They know that they can go out and get immediate results. So when the opportunity is presented to stay around our campus and have that continue, it’s a no-brainer to say "Yes."

Those are the things that we do to cement our relationship with our clients. What you do may be different. To figure out how to give your ideal clients an unforgettable experience they will never want to end, start by answering these simple questions:

1. What do I value that my ideal clients likely value too?
2. How can I bring what we value to life while we're together at my live training event?
3. What tools can I provide that support my clients in grasping and implementing what I'm teaching so they can have confidence and clarity to get real results fast after the training?

Now just incorporate your answers into your event and…Voilà. It doesn’t matter if your event has 12 or 200 people, if the attendees know you care enough about them to really cater to their needs, you’ll go a long way toward creating life-long clients as well.

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