Open up your perception of life and you will not only live life differently, but will see the world in a whole new way. Often, we can get locked into seeing the world as we think it is, instead of seeing what is real. This can come from how we feel about ourselves. We project how we feel outwards. We may hold onto past memories and replay them in the present, recreating our old experiences in the world around us. We may find ourselves judging others by how we think they should be, instead of allowing ourselves to see them as they are. We may do the same thing with the world around us and find ourselves upset when it doesn't correlate with our expectations. Our perception, our way of seeing, expecting, and assuming can override reality. Everyone does this to some level. We all see the world through a perception that is designed by us.

How much we filter life is up to us. We can open our view of the world by opening up this filter. We can create more space to connect to reality by eliminating how we think the world is, should be, or even how we remember it. Our perception can always change. Imagine walking down the street and instead of experiencing the same emotions, feelings, and thoughts as you usually do, you open yourself up to being present. That is all it takes, a moment of being present without your emotions or thoughts filtering the moment.

Every moment can be new to us if we let it. Take your past for example. Do you sometimes feel like you are having the same day over and over ? Why is that; is it because you simply do the same things everyday or is it because you are stuck on how you see it and experience it as well. This is often the case for many people. But life is not repetitious. No matter how controlled your life is, it is never the same day twice. When we take away our assumed perception of life, we also take away our expectations of how it will be. We can eliminate our past, so our memories don't play a role twice in our lives. We take away the boredom, the unsatisfying feeling of repetition, because we are instead present. It seems simple and it is. It is not complicated; how we perceive the world is, so let go the next time you feel unsatisfied with life. The next time you groan when something is bothering you about the world, know that the real problem is your perception of what is happening. When we take away our feelings, our thoughts, our past, what is left but everything new. It is taking away something that has been literally filtering life away from you.

When you stop living your life through your perceptions, you can begin to live life as it really is without altering it in any way. Assumptions are ideas; thoughts alter how we see reality, even our vision will pick up on what we want to see, instead of everything else. We get in our way of being. We lose the moment which is where we really need to be. When we are present, our perceptions fall away. When you start to question how the world is and what is happening, when you feel unsatisfied, bored, reluctant, or unhappy, take a moment to be in the moment. Because it may be your perception that is in the way of you living your life.

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