It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that men are attracted to gorgeous women, but it does get complicated for women to understand what keeps men interested. As a Guy Spy into the Male Mind women are always asking me what men are looking for in a woman. They want to know what he needs to see in her to know she is “the one”. The answer may surprise you.

Men are certainly visually triggered by nature, but the hook to their heart are the inner qualities that women possess. Guys want a lady that is feminine. They aren't looking for another buddy to compete with physically or intellectually. They love being around a woman who enjoys who she is and appreciates life. Men adore women who like to have fun, have a wicked sense of humor and can find the comical side to just about anything. Guys aren't drawn to stress, drama or tension. Guys don't like to be pulled on to make a woman happy. In other words they don't want women who rely on men to find happiness. But once they find a happy girl they relish in the act of keeping her content. Men are attracted to confidant women who already have a life. They don't dream about needy gals who complain all the time and wait around for Prince Charming to appear to give them a life. A confidant woman stands out in the crowd by how she carries herself. Men take notice of that and find her spunk captivating.

Now you may be reading this and think you are doing well in these areas. Good for you! If you are not sure, test yourself and see how many times in a day you are grumbling and complaining about life. Are you getting irritated and frustrated with people and circumstances or are you maintaining a level of joy noticed by others? Do you appreciate people around you? Are you responsive and grateful? Do you look for the good? Do you laugh a lot?

If you find yourself lacking in some of these inner qualities the good news is that you can make minor adjustments quickly and reap the benefits immediately! Take note on what makes you unhappy and then purposefully choose to respond rather than react. Being happy in life is based on 10% of what happens to you and 90% is how you choose to respond to it all. So use time today to embrace who you are and develop the qualities you wish to embody. You'll find yourself not only turning heads but capturing hearts as well.

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Jonathon Aslay
Dating and Relationship Coach Expert
Jonathon Aslay is a Dating and Relationship Coach who is a Heart Protector for Women and a Guy Spy into the male mind.
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