Oil is used in almost all type of cooking, may it be baking, frying, salads, and marinades. But is the oil you are using the best cooking oil? There are a lot of brands in the market which make it difficult to choose the right cooking oil. But it is very important to select the right one for your family's good health. The only thing most people look is for fats. Fats are always considered as something bad. But the fact is that there are both good and bad fats.
Here are a few factors we might want to consider when you buy your cooking oil the next time.
Fat you do not want in your cooking oil -
Saturated fat: This type of fat is the main cause of high cholesterol, rising levels of harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood. Too much-saturated fat can lead to serious heart problems such as heart attack.
Trans fat: Trans-fat is almost similar to saturated fat. It not only raises levels of LDL, but also lowers the good and useful HDL cholesterol. So, the oil which does not contain or are very low in trans-fat will be the best cooking oil for heart.
Fat you want in your cooking oil -
Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat: These are the type of fat you should aim to include in your diet. These fats are essential nutrients for the body, and also reduce the levels of the harmful LDL.
However, you must only use them in moderation as too much can be is not good. Cooking oil in the market such as Saffola gold offer you all the good fat. When it comes to cooking, make your meals heart-friendlier by using a small amount of the right cooking oils.

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