One in every four Indians is obese. This is higher among women than men. Also, the odds of being obese increases with age. Comparatively, the rate of obesity in women is more than that of men. Weight gain in women post 40 years is mainly due to the perimenopausal, menopausal and postmenopausal phase. An online nutritionist for women or an online nutritionist for weight loss can help maintain weight and reduce fat levels through specific strategies.

As a woman, enter the 40’s knowing the reasons for weight again around mid-life.

Decrease in estrogen levels: Perimenopause generally starts sometime in the 40’s. Fluctuations in the estrogen level, the main female hormone leads to deposition of fat in the abdominal region. Belly fat increases the risk for high lipid levels, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, etc.

Apart from hormonal changes, here are some other reasons for weight gain in mid-life:

• With age there is typically loss of muscle mass and increase in fat mass leading to lowered metabolism. With decreased metabolism, even if the calorie consumption remains the same with no increase in physical activity, there is weight gain.
• If parents have central obesity, then the likelihood of weight gain increases during this period.
• A sedentary lifestyle with very little or no physical inactivity also contributes to weight gain during this phase.
• Hot flushes, night sweats and mood changes can affect sleep routine and quality of sleep for women. Lack of sleep leads to more calorie intake at night due to hunger hormone - ghrelin. It also increases cortisol levels which leads to weight gain.

Age, genes, and menopause are not controllable factors. However, an online nutritionist for women can help manage mid-life weight gain and its complications like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels by following a balanced diet, restricting the intake of added sugar, junk and processed foods and alcohol, and exercising to increase muscle mass and decrease fat mass.

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Arati has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition as well as a post-graduation in Sports Sciences and Nutrition from Mumbai’s premier university – S.N.D.T. at Juhu. She also has a Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition. She has worked for 4 years at India’s pioneering sports sciences institute – Gopikrishna Piramal Memorial Hospital. Post that she was a consultant for 10 years before establishing Café Nutrition.

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