Friendship essay won’t cost you much as it deals with the personal thought about friendship and so you don’t have to do extensive research work for this purpose. But, in order to write a good friendship essays you need to think deeper to develop good ideas. At first, you will have to do a little home work on the subject which will include how you see friendship and what should the characteristics of a best friend, and then you will have to search for some heart touching quotes and then finally start brainstorming for the ideas to write a good essay friendship.

Just like writing is an art, brainstorming for the ideas is another art, so why not have a look into a step by step procedure on how to do brainstorming for writing friendship essay.

Brainstorming ideas for writing a perfect essay on friendship

What friendship means to you? Obviously there are thousands of definitions of friendship but what it means to you for everybody has their own unique perspective about friends and friendship. So, better is you should develop your own definition about friendship. Ask yourself, what it takes to be a best friend and what the basic definition in your eyes is.

Ask yourself, who is your best friend? Make a list of your friends and pick out the one which you like the most.

What are the characteristics of your best friend? Now, that you know who is your best friend, write done the characteristics of him or her and ask yourself why do you like this person so much and why do you share your secrets with him or her?

How would you compare him with others? Again, ask yourself why you prefer him or her over others? For example; the name of your best friend is Charles, now compare him with your other friends and see the difference between them also write down the similarities among them in your essays about friendship .

What are your favorite friendship quotes? There are trillions of friendship quotes over the internet and you cannot incorporate all of them in your essays on friendship so search for a good one which you like the most or may be the quote is already written in your diary or you can select anyone of the following:

Best Friends Listen to what you don’t say

-Samantha Norman

"Friendship is like a violin; the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever."


"Friends never make assumptions about you. They never expect a reason to go out with you. In fact friends only expect you to be you!"

- Chandru Sockalingam-

"If only you could see the you that is a part of me, maybe you could see inside yourself."


Therefore, essay about friendship won’t be that difficult if you hold a proper brainstorming session for yourself in order to write a good friendship essay, everybody has their own brainstorming style but if you will follow the above told brainstorming process or guide then you will surely end up with a good piece of writing.

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