In the world of website content writing, Google has been the major and the most preferred search engine for readers as well as writers. It is a fact that mere article writing and posting is not sufficient. In content writing, people have been coming up with new ways to beat the Google Algorithm so that they can maintain their top position.

These ways, are sometimes, unethical. Keeping this in mind, Google has reprogrammed its algorithm in the April of 2012. It has also come up with a new version known as the Panda Algorithm.

The main reason for the change was to eliminate non-beneficial websites. But due to this change, many people and organizations providing website content writing services were also affected as their well-planned and top quality websites were also hampered with.

Let us look at the changes in detail so that we can find some loopholes to counter this algorithm.

Backlink Spams

This was one of the major reasons for the changes made to the algorithm and that is to counter and eliminate unwanted and low-standard backlinks. As we all know that in content writing creating backlinks to increase traffic and subsequently popularity is very important. However, it was noticed that some users created backlinks just to increase the traffic. Backlinks were there just for the sake of it and they had no other valid reason for their existence. They were placed just to increase the rankings.

Solution: Make sure that all your backlinks are from reputed websites and that they are related to the content of your article or blog. It is very easy in website content writing to place backlinks just for the sake of it. Concentrate more on increasing the number of human visitors rather than on creating unnecessary backlinks.

Over-use of Keywords

One of the major reasons why authentic content writing websites were affected was because their content was over-crowded with keywords. Google as well as other article directories always had set standards about the percentage of keywords that could be used in an article and crossing the said limit by even a small amount could spell trouble.

Solution: Do not over-use your keywords. Instead of concentrating on one keywords, use multiple keywords while article writing and posting.

Duplicate or “Spun” Content

In content writing, creating duplicate contents has become very easy with the help of many duplication software that are available in the market. These spun articles easily pass content checking software like Copyscape and you are ready to post them wherever you want. This was made to be stopped after the recent upgrade by Google.

Solution: There can be only one solution -- Provide100% original SEO content. There will always be a shortcut for you to take. Try and tread on the safer track for once.

Eliminate Link Bait

Google had decided to eliminate all “link baits” i.e. low-quality articles filled with links towards a particular site.

Solution: Again, providing 100% original SEO content is the best solution in this case. Make sure that all your content writing is original and actually helpful for others.
To sum up, do not be dependent on Google only for your traffic. There are many examples of websites that have overcome this upgrade by Google without any hassle. This was mainly because they used all other resources like social media, Yahoo, offline sources and others to increase their traffic. Be wise and withstanding any changes by Google will not be a problem for you.

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