Telesummits are a great way to build your list and your mojo, but a lot of people forget that they should also lead to committed customers.

That’s why, when we created our own telesummit formula, we made sure that it was built around you providing great value, building your list, getting you visible, but ultimately that it got the job done in advance by helping you turn all those new, interested parties into invested clients.

Accomplishing that is actually easy if you avoid the major telesummit pitfalls by doing these 3 things:

1. Know where your telesummit is going. Too many times, people plan a large telesummit, which in and of itself isn’t always the biggest money-making opportunity, and they forget that it’s the launch that’s right after the telesummit that can really make their virtual event pay off. Avoid that pitfall by making sure that your telesummit is leading into the launch of some other offering, such as a webinar or teleseminar preview call, and then be sure to seed for that launch throughout your telesummit to all of the great new leads that your virtual event generated. We call this Reverse Engineering, and it’s one of the things you become great at in our training.

Avoid these 3 pitfalls to make your telesummit a success - plan the outcome, position yourself, be sensitive

2. Position yourself. A lot of people focus entirely on interviewing their great guests and forget to share their own expertise and position themselves. You can avoid that pitfall by slating yourself in as the first speaker, or having an opening ceremony, where you set the context for the whole event and do your teaching part then.

3. Be sensitive to your listener. Like a multi-speaker event, where different speakers are pitching you their wares on the hour, a telesummit can be exhausting if every speaker is making an offer. You can avoid this pitfall by only allowing your speakers to give a free gift. They can still build their list with the people who are interested, and then use their own sales process on their own campus to take it further. This will really help to create a value-rich environment for your audience. Because, let’s face it, not everyone is using the Speak-to-Sell Formula. You just can’t guarantee that your guests know how to give great content and make their invitation.

Plus, you’d be leveling the playing field for those great guests who may not be set up to make offers. If you take the pressure off them, you’ll have a lot more people to play with, while enhancing the learning experience for everyone.

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