Going to work each day provides some level of risk of an injury occurring. In some lines of work, these types of injuries are more common than in other industries. If you are injured at work, you will eventually need to talk to your HR department about it. There are a variety of tips that you should follow when getting injured at work.

Go to the Doctor
The first thing that you need to do if you are injured on the job is to go see your doctor. Even if it seems like a very minor injury, getting checked out is important as it can help to rule out internal injuries that are harder to diagnose. The doctor will then be able to provide you with medical records and guidance as to what your
recovery should be.

Fill out Incident Report
Once you have been checked out, you should also fill out an incident report at work. More than likely, your company will have a process in place that you will need to follow from a documentation perspective. It is very important that you fill out this correctly and with as much detail as possible to ensure accuracy.

Gather Information
Before you go to HR, you should also gather all the information that you can. This should include gathering your medical records, a note from your doctor, an estimate of costs that you will incur, and a copy of the incident report. Being organized for your meeting with HR will go a very long way when it comes to having a case for paid time off or workers compensation.

Discuss with Hr
Once you have gathered the information you need, you should discuss the situation with your HR department. This will include having detailed conversations about time you need off and compensation for medical expenses. The HR team should be able to explain your benefits and treat you fairly.

Legal Support
If you are not getting the cooperation you want from HR, you should reach out to a workers comp attorney for legal support. Your legal team will be able to work with you and your company to ensure you get the cooperation and support that you deserve from your company.

Once you are working at a new business, it is important to make sure you understand their policies when it comes to managing workplace injuries. By following these policies and working with the company, you will greatly improve your chances of having a positive experience.

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