I was once in a relationship but the person just had no time for me. All the time he would give excuses such as busy at work, got to attend weddings, got to meet up with old friends, got to meet up with his boss on a Sunday night! And the excuses went on and on. He even mentioned he was wasting time! That was the last straw that broke the camel's back! The ultimate insult – talking with me is wasting time.

When someone thinks he is wasting time with you then you know you are low on the priorities or you are actually totally off the radar screen. You are not even a priority, you are off the list totally in reality.

Time is also showing you care. We spend money and we spend time. When you have a relationship you might have a lot of both or little of both. But if we want to have a successful relationship then we have to be prepared to spend both. What quality of relationship do you have if you only spend a matter of minutes every week keeping in contact with someone?

A man does not forget to call, he chooses not to. Also forgetting is not a good sign either. All this conduct shows either he is not interested or does not know how to have a relationship. If it takes a long time for him to return your calls and messages or he wants to end conversations quickly, he really is probably not that interested. Well that is certainly a message to take note of.

There may be good reasons for this but not when again it is just more and more excuses. If he is generally behaving as if he has something better to do then it is more signs that the relationship is not serious or not serious enough to care for you.

Yes we are all busy. We have a lot on our plate. But spending time with a loved one should be a priority. You have to find a way to spend time. Being busy is not the point of life. In fact, quite the opposite. There is this story that many people have been asked to think about. On your deathbed, what will you remember most? Will it be your job or your loved ones? If you think your loved ones are more important then you have to do better to spend time with them now. Show your love to someone special, not merely with your words but with your time.

Coming back to the final reason why my relationship died. I was wasting his time. Is a relationship a waste of time? What do we mean by waste of time? The dictionaries will tell you that it is spending time on a useless activity. He was saying to me that my company was useless. Up to now I have always thought that there was nothing that is a waste of time. It is just spending time and there are various ways of spending time that may be a better or worse way to spend time. But if I am spending free time in a happy way then I do not see that as a waste of time. For me free time is downtime, leisure time to use in any way that gives me pleasure and is a legal activity. Chatter to me is never a waste of time, but not everyone shares my opinion.

We cannot stop the passing of time. There will come a time when we look back. At that time what regrets will you have? What people will you regret not having spent time with? Someday, today will be the good old or bad old days. So doesn't it make sense to make the best of every moment with your loved ones?

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