How Parents Can Recharge Their Batteries

Modern-day media has promoted a myth that children need quality time. In particular mothers fall over themselves to make sure that everyday, everyone of their children gets some special mother time. Why doesn't the same mother make sure she gets the same time for herself?

Allowing quality time for parents is your family's investment in you.Children need to learn that parents need a time that is just theirs.

Unless parents are feeling that they have some time to themselves to make love, talk, plan, watch T.V. or just share a quiet moment, they are not going to be able to re-charge their batteries and be the parents their children want them to be.

Parents are encouraged to make sure they take responsibility to get the quality time that they deserve. Talk to your children no matter how young they are about how parents need time for themselves.

If necessary, use the television as a babysitter, but be careful about what is actually on the television for that time. Why don't you let your children watch a nature show that you have especially recorded for them? If you don't have a recorder, plan for parent time around a show that you do want your children to watch.

Children can feel their parents' tension. Be careful to manage your own upsets with stress management techniques such as exercise, meditation and deep breathing. Let's face it, even adults can get grumpy and irritable when we're overtired. Children who are difficult in the evening may be simply saying 'I need my bed.'

(If your children copy you it will be a lifetime problem for them).


Keep sleep a pure experience.
Keep your bedroom just for sleep.
Do not keep a T.V. in your bedroom.
Read sitting up, in a chair.

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Dr Janet Hall

Dr. Janet Hall is a psychologist, hypnotherapist, sex therapist, author, professional speaker, trainer, and media consultant. Dr Jan has authored eight books on family and relationship issues and recorded 42 =Ds/MP3s, many use hypnosis. She founded the Richmond Hill PsychologyClinic

Jan consults regularly with print media and is a frequent guest on talk-back radio and current affairs shows. Jan has a unique ability to encourage people to clarify their situation and solve their own problems with both heart (trusting intuition and feelings) and head (with logical analysis and rational prioritization). She believes that people deserve to feel empowered and allow themselves to be the best they can for the good of all.