Currently, most people are struggling with hair fall, there are many reasons behind it. They are confused about How Much Hair Loss is Normal. It is common to have about 50-100 hair breaks every day but more than that if your hair falls

Whenever you wash hair, at that time, any hair which is associated with a slight weakness from the scalp breaks. During hairbrush or combing, when hair is pulled to settle the hair, it also causes hair breakage, in this way it is quite normal for hair to break. Doing different hairstyles also breaks hair many times. Pregnancy, hair fall in women also occur during periods. Due to all these reasons, 50 to 100 hair breaks in a day, which is absolutely normal. If you have this same hair breaking every day, don't worry.

The breakdown of more words is a matter of concern
If your hair is breaking together in a bunch and your patches are showing bold patches, then this should be a cause for concern. There are some health-related reasons behind such hair fall and for this, you need to think critically. In this way, hair fall can be an early symptom of any dangerous disease. In many cases, it happens that along with the head hair, all the hair of your body gets broken, in such a situation it is very important to consult a doctor. Apart from this, due to medication, stress, and mental health, a lot of hair breaks. In such a situation, if hair fall is not less, consult a doctor.

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