Diabetes, a lot of bad things are narrated by people about it, as this disease doesn't have cure, but insulin needs to be given to the body to  treat it. There are many rumors circulating in the gossip circles that being diabetic you get prone to acquiring many more diseases, because it is incurable and you can just control it and you need to keep a hawk's eye on your food intake. It just carries with it the negative gossip. I call it gossip, because life can be sweet, even if you refrain from eating the sweet things.

How i Know i was Suffering from Diabetes

  • My diabetes was detected when I  turned 28, before that I lived a nice life with lots of physical activity as I used to work as physical instructor in a school and never even fell sick as I used to exercise and cycle around a lot.
  • In the morning one class had to go in for cross country, jogging for 2 to 4 miles and I used to follow them on a bicycle. It was detected when I used to feel more hungry and get tired very soon.

Warning signs of diabetes

  • These symptoms tuned my world topsy-turvy and I just kept thinking negative things, had my life come under a knife, will I lose my vision, is it going to turn blurred or I can go blind, am I going to have a heart attack, are any skin problems appear or the worst was which of my organs will be amputated. I was in dire straits and didn't know what to do and where to go for the treatment.


  • One thing was sure that it will not go away, but who is going to tell me the precautions and risks. What to eat and what to avoid? This was my first major disease. I might have fallen sick during the early childhood, but never ever after that, as far as I remembered. It totally freaked me out, even I rang up a few friends and none provided the help that I required at that time as my closest Pamela, had gone to England and was about to return in a week's time.

Lifestyle Changes

  • I was totally devastated and didn't know what to do? I searched the internet for taking some precautions and got some, I gave up on my boozing, smoking and eating just the fresh vegetables and fruits, which did help in keeping the sugar level intact, gave up having sugar in my tea, actually I switched to having green tea for that very week.
  • I couldn't get a sound sleep for the whole week and grayish circles appeared under my eyes. I spent the whole week doing nothing, but just lying on the bed and sobbing. There was summer vacation time in the school.


  • After that arduous week, finally Pamela landed and I went to pick her up from the Airport. We both lived together in the same room. The moment she saw me she said, “what's wrong with you? Look at yourself, where has my bubbly Akira gone? Just tell me what the matter is?” “
  • Nothing actually, we will have a word when we reach home” I replied. “I suspect something bad has happened, come on, you know you are my best buddy and tell me what the problem is?” she kept inquiring. “Please don't disturb me as there is heavy traffic, I'll tell you the moment we reach home,” I assured her.
  • We reached home in a mute position after about 30 minutes and the moment I drove in, she said “OK, park the car here and before we reach inside, tell me what happened, you look as if you are passing thorough a hurricane,” she inquired. “Pamela, I've acquired diabetes and don't know what to do as it doesn't have a cure” said I feebly, almost sobbing. I could see the expression on her face as if she is watching a comedy show, “What? This is the only reason, and you were behaving as you have acquired AIDS, come on, millions on this Earth have diabetes.


  • What's there to worry about,” she looked amused. “It doesn't has a treatment, I have to live with it my whole life, I can't have.........you know what?” I said tenderly.
  • But I have a treatment for you to keep it in check” she mentioned. I asked “what is it, is it available local or do we need to go to some other city.” “No, it's available online and doesn't cost a fortune and will be available in our state California.” “You mean we don't have to go out” I chuckled, it was the first time I had smiled in a week's time.
  • She opened the internet and opened the website planet ayurveda and got their whatsapp number and dialed, handing me the phone, “Can they be trusted,” I inquired. “Do you trust me? The same way I trust them, even my ex-bf got the same treatment of diabetic  type 1 diabetes from them and got fully normal in a year and a half” she replied.
  • “Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?” a lady asked. I was a little reluctant initially, but Pamela encouraged me saying “go ahead, she doesn't know who you are and all the talk will remain enclosed between you and them only,” speak up.
  • “Hello, this is Akira calling from the US, and find myself in dire straits as I was detected with diabetes last week of the type 1, do you have a treatment that can heal me fast?“ I asked.
  • She replied in a clear voice, “ma'am just relax, better be patient as this disease have no cure, but before that just send us any clinical or lab reports that were given to you that confirmed you have diabetes, send them all on this very whatsapp number, tell the history of your family and we'll get back to you in detail after some time, OK?” “Yes ma'am I am sending them right away, I replied. “Thanks” came the reply.
  • I narrated the history and before proceeding I had to make sure that my decision was correct or not, I asked Pamela, “who has had that medicine before?” “My ex-live in, Jack, even he was in the initial stage and got fully fine in a year and a half”.
  • Then she looked at me straight in my eyes and said, “Don't you trust me dear, we both need to take care of each other, nobody is closest to me than you, trust me send them the reports.” Even I was definite now and did just that.
  • We talked about her England's tour after that, she used to have alcohol, even I wanted a peg, but she insisted that no alcohol is allowed in this Ayurvedic treatment. “If you have to come out of diabetes, you need to follow their diet plans strictly otherwise...............You know”. she trailed off. “OK, tell me did you make any other boy friend in UK or still like that,” I teased her.
  • Before she could reply, my phone rang, I turned it on the speaker mode and asked her to note the prescriptions on the laptop, “Hello, this is Akira.” “I am calling on behalf of Planet Ayurveda and we have a remedy for you, but you need to follow it precisely, one mistake and the whole condition might deteriorate, are you listening?” she asked. “Yeah ma'am I am listening attentively” was the reply.

What Herbal Remedies and Diet they Prescribed me

  • “OK, you need to get Diabetes Care Pack from Fresno, our authentic distributor, the prescription is written on it. And you need to alter your diet, you begin eating spinach, kale, Cinnamon spice, Hen's eggs, Chia seeds, Turmeric powder, all kind of nuts, Greek yogurt, Broccoli, Flaxseeds, Olive oil, Strawberries, Apple cider vinegar etc.
  • You can note down more from our website and also give up entirely the tobacco products, alcohol, sugary beverages, junk food, peanut butter and many more, you can search our website. Get well soon Akira and thanks, bye....bye.”
  • I followed this diet precisely and within a year, I'm back to almost normal level of diabetes. I feel proud of Pamela and Planet Ayurveda!
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I champion initiatives that build a culture supporting Diversity and Inclusion and team work. My background is in Online Advertising, and made the switch to the fascinating Localization Industry in 2018, where I hear, one never leaves.