Arthritis mostly begins with the inflammation in the joints, swelling, and pain. Some people also feel redness around the joints that ache. Mostly it happens to the adults who cross 65 years of age but can happen to young and kids too. But it happens mostly to people who have extra weight and are obese.

My Symptoms

    Even, my fingers got swollen during my early college days and my folks thought that this is happening because I was feeling stressed. My dad used to console me “Don't get worried about these small things, very soon you are going to enjoy the college life” he used to pat me time & again. I had no college friends, and I wasn't a social animal and my dad had shifted from Arizona to California, a few weeks ago.

Arthritis pain

  • Very soon the swelling spread to knees and wrists, making walking normal an uphill task. I had to  take support of crushes while walking and all my colleagues used to stare at me like they are facing a handicapped girl. Even I felt embarrassed.
  • I took some medicines, pain killers that used to  ease me, but temporarily. I used to feel completely distorted. I felt awkward and stopped going to my college, lay just on my bed watching TV or play video games. I put on some more weight within a month, a few pounds, but made my figure look heavy.

Arthritis Diagnosis

  • One day my dad didn't go to office and I pleaded him to take me to a medical lab and get tested, “why my joints are getting stiff, heavy and I feel an unbearable pain while moving,” said I. He lifted me up and placed me in the car seat and took me to a well reputed lab and got my MRI, CT scan and x-ray done, to know the shape of my bones. The doctors usually do these tests to rule out any more bone spurs.
  • The report came the next day pointing that I suffered from arthritis and the doctor recommended doing some stretching and physical exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joints, which can make  me feel better. “What about now, currently I can't move an inch, I am absolutely static. I can't move a muscle, do give me a pain killer that eases my pain, at least for some time, please doc, it's a humble request,” I was on the verge of crying.
  • The doctor took my dad to another room and had a conversation that lasted for some time. The doctor handed me a capsule, which eased my pain a little bit and I came back with my dad. Even my dad insisted on me to do exercise, which was next to impossible for me.

How i overcome my Arthritis

  • All of a sudden a blast from the past happened, I vaguely remembered what my colleagues in the high school used to talk about some natural medicine that can cure some diseases in a natural style. I couldn't remember exactly what.
  • I had their phone numbers stored in my mobile, which I called, but her mom picked it up saying, “Hello, who is it?” I knew her quite nicely, “It's me Nancy, Mrs. Rogers, where's Annie?” “Oh, baby today she forgot her mobile at home and gone to college now, the moment she comes back, I'll tell her that you called. I don't think it's urgent and how's your dad and you?” “We are both enjoying Mrs. Rogers, please do ask Annie to call me the moment she gets home, I've to discuss something important with her.” “Fine Nancy dear, I'll let her know, bye.” And I could hear her click of phone cutting.
  • I waited impatiently for some 3- 4 hours and Annie called, “Hi, Nancy how are you?” “In a bad shape” I answered. Curiously she asked, ”why, what went wrong?” I narrated the whole physical condition of mine in detail and later asked her, “what was that you and your boyfriend Andy used to talk about some natural remedies, which can cure arthritis of severe kind, was that a fact or you used to beat around the bush?” “No dear it's a fact, even Andy's uncle practiced at a distributor's place in Fresno,” she replied. “What's the address and the web site, do send me a message in detail” I pleaded. “Sure no problem, I'll also send Andy's uncle's mobile number, have a word with him and he can guide you better, OK? Get well soon & do keep calling me telling any progress you make, OK?” “Thanks Annie” I put the phone down.

Finally I Got the Treatment

  • After a few minutes, I received a message to visit a website Planet Ayurveda to know the details and Andy's uncle's mobile number. I thought let's try the website first, I opened the site and got the details. I rang up on their whatsApp number, but no one picked up the number. Then I sent a message through whatsApp and waited impatiently.
  • In the evening, my phone rang, I picked a little lazily, but a lady said, “You dropped a message regarding arthritis, how can I help you? I am calling from Planet Ayurveda, may I know your name please.” Up I went, without worrying about my joints pain “This is Nancy and I am suffering from arthritis for the past month and I need a permanent cure” I replied. “Thanks Nancy, do me a favor, please send all your lab, clinic and doctor's report in detail on our whatsApp number and I'll get in touch with you in a few minutes, OK?” “Sure ma'am, I am doing that right away,” I clicked the various photos of the reports and send them.
  • After about 22 odd minutes they called. I picked the phone on first ring and asked curiously, “Is everything fine ma'am? Can it be healed naturally, I mean without any pain?” I was almost sobbing. “First of all stop sobbing or crying, next, better handle this disease in a brave manner, then tell me the history of your fore father's and mother's in detail or you can send their bio-data on our email, you do have a choice!”she replied in a polite way. “No ma'am I'll reply you right now.” I told her my family history in detail. She explained that it is on the brink of getting severed but still it can be treated in a natural way, sitting at home.

Changes in my lifestyle and Diet

  • She asked me to alter my diet plans and asked me to avoid eating any foods labeled as containing partially hydrogenated oils, refined grains, any food having sugar, cheese and high fat dairy products, corn, peanut, sunflower, safflower, and soy oils are high in omega-6 fatty acids, which are beneficiary in small doses.
  • But excessive omega-6 consumption can encourage inflammatory chemicals and asked me to eat an anti-inflammatory diet that includes cold water fish, like tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, bass, and anchovies, fresh and (additive-free) frozen fruits, including apples, apricots, bananas, berries, cantaloupe, grapes, kiwi fruit, oranges, papaya, pineapple, and avocados, flax seeds and olive oils, nuts, including almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts, deep green vegetables such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard, collards, and broccoli. Some other vegetables like cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, onions, and sweet potatoes & spices including ginger and turmeric can also be eaten.


  • But also instructed me to have their dosage as prescribed strictly.

Herbal Remedies for my Joint Pain

  • Then she asked me to have  Joint Support Pack and have them as prescribed on the all 4 containers or get the help from their authentic distributor on Fresno, California, whom I just rang up and swiping my card, asking for this remedy, which reached my place in next 2 days. I began the diet as they prescribed and my dad got every diet from our grocery store. I began just then, as I had everything noted in my mobile.

One Day i Got Relief From My Symptoms

  • About a month & a half I could feel my joints begin to move without much pain. It's been 5 and half months now, I can walk like a normal person. I thanked Annie for providing me the information and then called Planet Ayurveda on their mobile phone, thanking from the bottom of my heart. These days, I've started a part time job with a nearby general store. WOW, thank my stars for coming out of this nightmarish experience with flying colors.
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