How i got irritable bowel syndrome

Before I tell you about anything else on IBS, let me tell you about its symptoms and how these affect your physical personality. I was one of them who faced this worst nightmare that can scare the guts out of you and make you feel embarrassed in the eyes of your near & dear ones. This story is mine, but could ally with millions who suffer bowel movements getting irregular, the world over.

My Struggle with IBS Symptoms

  • This problem began during the time when I was just in my 30's and soon I my gut began bloating.
  • At first I ignored it thinking that this is an effect of age as my wife used to cook some beautiful and gluttony dishes for me.
  • Usually both of us used to visit different fast food outlets that are available in abundance in our city.
  • We used to have burgers, pizzas and variety of Chinese foods. The nightmare began when I started feeling the pain, though it began to be mild initially and cramps in my abdomen.
  • Later I found mucus in my stool and the pain kept enhancing gradually, of course. Very soon I was grabbed by diarrhea, stomach cramps and even chest pains, which I now know were due to my acid reflux, and had nothing to do with my  heart condition. That was the time that I pressed the panic button and narrated the whole story to my beloved wife

I Start to Feel Shamed with IBS

  • She belonged to a medical family, my father in law is a reputed doctor, and I told her not to tell anyone about it as I used to smell the leakage of gas, and felt embarrassed, during those puff up times. Whenever anyone, whether I knew that person or not, used to gaze me in a curious manner, I used to feel that this person knows about my disease and used to feel irritated.
  • Most of my time used to be spent staying indoors, my business was suffering and I felt embarrassed to narrate the whole story to any near or dear ones.

I was in search of Treatment

  • One day, when I got fed up with these cramps and all decided to visit another city and get a scanning done from a reputed lab.
  • Both of us went by car and got tested in another city where no one knew us giving a fake address.
  • The report further confused us and we got tested in another lab and they misguided us  by giving a different report.
  • Every lab we encountered, told a different story and suggested different remedies. No one suggested us a proper cure.
  • Whenever I visited a new health specialist, I became more confused about what to do to, to feel better.
  • Nevertheless, I would carry on trying this as I never say die that easily, but nothing really seemed to work.
  • The worst part was still pending, I was asked to give up the Chinese and Italian food,and  it was the worst nightmare that was being shown to me.
  • I could not think about a life that had me not eating those dishes, I was a greedy gut about them.

Instead, it was prescribed that I mainly eat fresh and seasonal veggies and some meat. To cover up  the deficiency of starchy carbohydrates, I enhanced the quantities of veggies and legumes and my wife began making beautiful vegetable and bean soups, ratatouille, salads, roasted veggies, you name it, and it was made! 80% of my diet became filled with veggies and contained lots of onion, garlic, leeks, cauliflower, broccoli, beans, chick peas, lentils, all the high fiber, nutritious foods.

How Ayurveda Helped Me

  • I thought my nightmare will end soon, but it did lessen, but I couldn't seek the results I was expecting.
  • Ultimately I decided to visit Planet Ayurveda, which had a reputation of curing hundreds of patients who suffered from this very embarrassing disease, and I personally knew a person working there.
  • I had a conversation with that person I knew by ringing him up and he recommended the name of a particular doctor. He gave me his number and we fixed an appointment. I went straight to him right on the dot and had a long conversation with him.
  • I told him all the details and he listened to my nightmarish experience carefully and suggested that I get those veggies to be organic ones, which I later did as I owned a farm too.
  • He also told me to do a particular yoga poses and also bestowed a remedy called IBS Care Pack, which had 4 Products

Products Description and Dosage

  1. Digestion Support
  2. Sanjivani Vati
  3. Kutaghan Vati
  4. Pitta Balance.

How Should i Take These Medicines?

  1. Digestion Support-2 capules Twice Daily After Meal
  2. Sanjivani Vati-2 capules Twice Daily After Meal
  3. Kutaghan Vati -2 Tablets Twice Daily After Meal
  4. Pitta Balance- 1 Capsules Daily After Meal

I start to feel better

  • My nightmare ended in a few days and in the present days I have become absolutely normal with me eating Chinese or Italian foods, once in a blue moon and never regularly. Even my obesity is gone, enhancing my physical appearance. Thanks a lot to the people of Planet Ayurveda.
Author's Bio: 

I champion initiatives that build a culture supporting Diversity and Inclusion and team work. My background is in Online Advertising, and made the switch to the fascinating Localization Industry in 2018, where I hear, one never leaves.