2020 changed the way people shopped. Ecommerce saw a spike while physical stores were shut. Merchants were forced to adopt innovative ways to bridge the gap between in-person and digital shopping experiences.

So, how can ecommerce marketers mirror in-store experiences online? Read on to know!

Count on Technology

Customers are happy to use disruptive technologies as they boost the shopping experience. Technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, predictive analytics, and real-time customization aid customers in purchase decisions.
Check out how The Sheet Society, a bedding company, uses AR to help buyers visualize how the linen will look in their room.


Such experiences not just give shoppers confidence in their decision but also reduces the chances of returns.

Leverage On-Site Data

Online data to ecommerce merchants is what face-to-face customer interaction is to brick-and-mortar stores. Using these behavioral indicators, ecommerce owners can build a strong connection with customers.
Information, such as items added to the cart and the frequency of purchase says a lot about customer behavior. This data can be used to devise new marketing strategies.

Here’s a case study of skyn ICELAND that wanted to increase sales of their eye serum. Using website data, they targeted customers using their firming eye gel and promoted the two products as a combination. This simple tactic got them a 23% increase in conversion rate.

Offer Same-Day Delivery

Nearly half of the shoppers surveyed shared that they prefer physical stores over online because they like to have the product immediately. In early ecommerce days, shoppers were willing to wait till the product was delivered. However, one-day delivery changed that!
Ecommerce giants like Amazon and Target have started drone deliveries to enthuse customers. Delivery speed is a key factor for improving customer experience and conversions. So, make sure you work on this aspect.

Though many view the pandemic in a bad light, the ecommerce realm would thank COVID-19 for the rapid boom it experienced during this period. Here’s an interesting infographic from Pack & Send that shares details on how COVID-19 impacted shopping behavior and ecommerce as a whole.

Bringing offline experiences online is key to ecommerce success. Use the aforementioned tips to wow your shoppers and boost profits.

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