When one gets extremely sad about anything like love, studies, business, job or there are many problems and challenges that one faces during his/her lifetime. It all depends on person to person, how you accept the challenge, you might surrender before it or are able to grab the horns of the challenging bull. One has a such a mental state that can find a solution to any problem. Remember every problem has a solution and every challenge has a remedy to deal with it.

What is Depression?

  • Everything looks like a challenge when one deals with depression. When I was in the depression, due to a reason that my boyfriend left me in the lurch, At the same time I lost my job, which happened due to recession in the business circle. I went into so much depression that I didn't eat for 2 continuous days, just drank alcohol and never left my room, just kept drinking, crying and never got a sound sleep. I never answered my mobile,my dear ones called me but I didn't answer any. On the 3rd day one of my close friend knocked on my door. But I didn't open for a few minutes. She kept calling me by my name, “Sandra, I know you are in there, please open the door. I got an urgent message for you.”
  • Ultimately when she kept knocking and shouting, I opened the door for Nancy and said in a growling voice, “yeah, come in.” She was shocked to see my condition. “What happened Sandra, look at your dress, I have never seen you in such a shabby dress, You look like a person who never ever had a bath.” I was not able to answer her as I was totally drunk at that time. She came in and hugged me, “are you drinking whiskey?” “Yep,” I said, “Andy has left me 'cause I lost my job, actually he has left the city.

“Doesn't matter” she replied, “didn't I tell you that he is not going to last forever, he will leave you, if you land in a crisis.” “But Nancy at that time I was in Love with him and you know that love is always blind” said I. “Come on, I'll help in washing you up” she said and took me to my bathroom. She washed my face with a wet towel and tidy me up as much as she could.

Both of us came to the bathroom and she made me sip lemon juice so that my intoxicated state improves a little bit. “Sip it slowly,” she said. I took the glass and began sipping, my senses came back partially. “Why Nancy why? Why all this happened to me, I am fed up of this world and really don't know where to go, what to do?” Nancy holded me through my shoulders and said, “you are a brave girl, you were the one who taught me how to face the challenges? “Use your head” she said a little angrily, “it's not the end of the world, why are you being so possessive about Andy? Grab the bull by it's horns, there are going to be many more challenges in life, which you have to face all alone, but never say die, come on cheer up, come on get up and begin a new journey.” She did provide me a little courage, but all I could remember was the happier time I spent with Andy.

But she was such a nice lady that she rang up her parents that she is not coming home tonight, because she had made up her mind that she is going to spend the night with me in my room. “But I am not able to forget him” I pleaded. “Look Sandra, better start thinking radically, never ever trust the ones you don't understand, I knew he needed a place to stay in this city as he was studying, when he had completed his MBA, he had to move to a bigger city so that he can get a better job.” She continued, “now look, as you have lost your job, you think he left you because of your job? No, it is just a coincidence, you lost your job because of the recession in the market and he stayed with you because he knew that you own this place and where else he could find a place to stay free.” She was talking sensibly, even I realized that she was stating the facts, because the MBA degree didn't have any future in our city, so he had to move on.

How i Get Treated

  • She had another remedy for me, she called a doctor and narrated my whole story. The doctor is in depression due to a failure in love?” asked a lady, she continued “you follow my prescriptions and you will be fine very soon.” “What is it, how much is it going to cost” I asked. “Don't worry, it's not going to cost a fortune, but you have to follow my prescription strictly, OK?” she asked. “Fine” I murmured.asked me to hand over the phone to me, “Hello, this is Sandra here” said I. “Are you the one who
  • First of all you have to alter your food habits, better eat Cashew nuts, apples, Asparagus, Lemon balm, make a rose drink by boiling it's petals in water, drink it when it cools down and have foods that are rich in vitamin B,” she continued “better visit the web site www.planetayurveda.com and you will know what to order and get the complete address from where to order.

“OK,' I finally said, “let's go out together and enjoy the early night outside, we will come back after watching a movie or something like that, a play or.....” I trailed off.

“You better have a bath first,” she said “and remember to brush your teeth and change the dress.” She was grinning from ear to ear now, and said' better be a sport, don't take too long as you are not going on any date, it will be just two of us and I know your inside & outside, come on get up.” I stood up a little lazily, but was feeling a little better.

I brushed my teeth and had a bath with a warm shower and put on a nice dress. She combed my hair into a ponytail and both of us ventured out after locking my portion of the house. A family stayed in the other part on rent. We saw a movie and came back around 1:00am after having dinner at a restaurant.

At present even I have a new job and looking for a friend, who could be trusted. At least if you are in a depression, counseling with a near one makes you come out of it, thanks Nancy.

How i Get Ayurvedic Medicines in My Country

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