Have you ever thought about how do electric shaver work? Surly you use them every morning and it does its job perfectly, but have you ever wondered about the mechanics are involved in these electric shavers? What kind of material is used in them?

Although electric shavers are categorized into different types. For example, top-notch electric shavers for black men are different as compared to the ones that are recommended for the longer beards.

All that we know is, electric shaver has become an essential part of our daily life. They certainly help you keep that 5 o’clock shadow under control. It saves time for a working individual man who does not have the time to manually shave every day.

People have different shaving habits; some people shave daily while others shave once a week. Electric shaves need to be versatile enough so they can cater to every person's needs.

If you own an electric shaver then you need to take good care of it, and the first step of taking care is knowing the product how it functions. What are the parts involved in it? How these parts interact with one other?

The science behind How Electric Shavers Work

In this article, you will find complete knowledge about how electric shaver’s work. As you may have notices electric shavers are different from traditional razor blades.

Razor blades come in contact with the skin on your face while electric shavers work on a scissor-like action keeping their blade away from the skin.

When you use an electric shaver the hair on your beard gets inside the opening of the razor which gets cut by the blades spinning in a scissor-like action. These blades are rotated with the help of a small motor, constantly moving in around the action.

The motor rotates the blades between the shaves foil and the skin of your face, the skin on your face does not make contact with the blades spinning inside the electric shaver. This way it does not cause irritation.

Why Are These Shavers Electric?

You might be thinking to yourself that the motor which rotates the blades is always electric, it's either powered by an external power source or a plugged-in source, either way and electricity is a need.

Modern-day electric shavers take convenience to a whole new level, these modern electric shavers have rechargeable batteries. The electric shavers that are considered good have some additional features.

Being waterproof is one of these features, these shavers can also be water-cleanable. Most of the electric shavers are dry in nature which means water or other lubricants can be used with them.

Some electric shavers require water to operate and some can operate in both wet and dry conditions.

Foil Shavers

These types of foil razors work on the principle of rotation. In foil shavers, the cutting bales are under a screen. These foils screens have some holes in them where the hair falls.

There are usually four rows of shaving blades, arranged in a straight line. As you move the razor, the blades move as well, which results in hair falling into the holes of the case. Which automatically cuts these hairs.

A different number of foil shavers have different numbers of foils inside the razor. They are aligned in such a way that; they came on top of each other, these foils cover the cutting blade.

There are foil shavers that have a double layer of foils inside. The same is the case with triple foil shavers, as these contain three layers of foils inside.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary shavers also have foils in them. But there are springs involved in them. The foil pivots with the help of the springs to match the structure of the user's face, much like foil shaver's rotary shavers also have blades.

These blades are attached to a spinning wheel. Which is responsible for cutting the hair that falls through the holes in the electric shavers. There is no contact to be made with skin which is why the user is free from any irritation that can be caused during shaving.

These rotary shavers are very good for cutting longer and tougher hair. Those people which shave once a week is can also use rotary shavers. Whenever you need a fresh start to your morning rotary shavers can do the job for you.


In this article, we have talked about the working process of an electric shaver. Are many types of shavers, some of them are corded which works while they are plugged in, and others have rechargeable batteries. I will also suggest you to read about longer beard trimmers too.

Some electric shavers work while being paired up with lubricant while other work dry. It is really up to your personal preference and hair type.

If you have thick hair that is stubborn then rotary shavers are best suited for you and if you have normal hair then foil shaver is your best friend.

In a nutshell, both types of shavers work in a similar way, the main difference being foil shavers does not have springs in them while rotary shaves have springs.

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