First of all let me introduce myself, I am Esly, living in Guatemala, a Central American country, in fact it is poor country famous for its massive jungles and volcanoes. It is the largest country of Central America, which has huge disparities between rich & poor. 54% of people are still living below the poverty line.

How I Get Diagnosed

My life changed completely the day I was diagnosed that I am being attacked by hepatitis B and everything turned Topsy-turvy. I never knew what had hit me! Even the doctor denied having any cure of hepatitis B. I was totally stunned to hear that. Initially, I just cried a lot, was filled with complaints, blames and played the role of a victim who had never committed a sin. I had 2 choices, first was to sit and cry over my bad fortune and 2nd was to stay alive and enjoy that I've passed another day smoothly, I chose the 2nd.

I was just 20 years old and was feeling devastated, even my studies were also getting interrupted. The doctors usually came to me and asking about the history of my life, getting too personal, asking me did I ever had any sort of drugs. I denied, but there is no denying the fact that hepatitis B patients are into having drugs or unprotected sex. I did say no to all these allegations, what has gone wrong? Even I was curious to know, why me? I think that I got it from an accidental syringe exchange, when I had gone down with a fever at my grand parents house in the rural area.

I used to experience some symptoms like;

•Abdominal pain, especially around the liver
•Dark urine and/or pale stool
•Feeling tired and lethargic (fatigue)
•Joint and/or muscle pain
•Loss of appetite
•Yellowing of the skin, whites of the eyes and under the fingernails, like it happens to the patients of jaundice.

Basically, I live in Guatemala and this country doesn't have an HBV DNA and various other blood tests, to cure this chronic ailment. But I was lucky to have the best parents who stood by me through thick & thin. Many of my friends also suggested various routes to find a cure. Some of them were ready to travel with me to other countries to discover that I get a proper medication.

Last year I got my liver biopsy done, which ruled out that I had cirrhosis. I felt a little bit lucky. I thought that I might also get a medicine that will heal me completely.

How I Get The Alternative Treatment?

My friends kept searching the remedies and one of them was lucky to suggest me an Ayurvedic remedy that could provide me the treatment. Even her distant cousin had healed from some unknown disease, even after she got a denial from the local doctors. She provided me their e-mail ID and asked me do an e-mail and write all my history, my parent's history and all the lab and clinic reports on the mail and waited for the results. I never knew that my mail will be answered so soon.

I thought OK, now that's a simple way and I did just as asked by her. After about 2 days my mobile rang, "Is it Miss. Esly, I am calling from Planet Ayurveda, was the mail sent by you?" a lady asked very politely. "Yes ma'am, I did the mail. Do you have a remedy that can heal me?" I asked. "Sure ma'am, we do have it, thanks for sending all the details in advance and our panel of doctors scrutinized your lab and clinic reports, but beware all prescriptions needed to be followed precisely otherwise it can also deteriorate the whole situation, is it clear my dear?" she questioned me. "Sure, ma'am, I am ready to do anything to find a cure," I replied.

Can I Get The Medicines in My Country?

The lady further stated, "First of all you need to visit our website Planet Ayurveda to find a distributor that you have the closest, I think the one in Peru might be right for you, contact Dr. Danny Maylet Romero and order Liver Care Pack, all the prescriptions are written on them, follow them strictly and now I am going to alter your diet plans,

Diet Recommendation

Drink the juice which is extracted from radish leaves, sugarcane, get habitual to drinking green tea and drink lots of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses a day. Eat a diet that contains lots of fresh veggies and fruits.

Home Remedies That Will Help You

There are some other home remedies like Artichoke, Schizandra, Reishi Mushroom, Liquorice and Olive Oil. You can even use them,

Things You Needed to Quit

Now I'll tell you to quit having alcohol, tobacco products, salty products, high fat dairy products, sugary treats like cookies, cake, soda, and packaged baked goods, fine Miss. Esly? OK, fine and get well soon, bye" and she trailed off.

I Feel Lucky to Get the Treatment from Planet Ayurveda

Right then I switched on their site and mailed to Mr. Danny and asked him to send me the remedy as soon as possible. I received it within a week. I have already changed my dieting plans and taking that remedy for the last 9 months. Recently I got an HBsAg test done to know the percentage of my liver damage and was mesmerized with the report that said 96% of my liver has healed. I feel like I am in the 7th heaven, Thanks Planet Ayurveda, thanks a lot!

Author's Bio: 

I champion initiatives that build a culture supporting Diversity and Inclusion and teamwork. My background is in Online Advertising and made the switch to the fascinating Localization Industry in 2018, where I hear, one never leaves.