Diaper rash, also called as nappy rash or napkin rash, belongs to a group of skin disorders known as dermatitis or inflammation of skin. The most typical symptom of nappy rash is bright red patches on the diaper area. These rashes are most often seen on areas of the body that touch diapers, such as waistline, anal area, and genital parts. Other symptoms of this dermatological condition include uncontrollable crying and difficulty in sleeping. Babies with nappy rash cannot sleep well due to the pain that they experience when the affected areas rub against clothing or any other surface.

It is most often caused by poor hygiene, improper diaper changing and the subsequent continuous exposure of baby's skin to moisture, urine, and feces, diarrhea, covering diapers with protective plastic pant, tight-fitting clothes or diapers, and antibiotics. These rashes can also occur as a result of adverse or allergic reaction to the chemical ingredients present in wipes, cloth softeners, disposable diapers, and detergent. During breastfeeding period, certain foods eaten by the mother can cause this problem. Interestingly, diaper rash may also develop when baby starts eating solid foods. These rashes are definitely very annoying, but can be successfully treated with certain home remedies for diaper rash. It should be noted that if not treated properly, it can lead to secondary infection.

There are a few steps that you can take to prevent the occurrence of diaper rash. It is advisable not to use plastic pants to cover diapers. Also, avoid tight clothes that rub against the baby's skin. Use larger diapers while the baby has diaper rash. However, the most crucial thing that you should do is to change the diapers frequently. Clean the baby's diaper areas thoroughly with water after each diaper change. Also, leave your baby without any diapers for sometime everyday. Never use soaps or wipes to clean the nappy rash affected areas.

Plantain, a widely found herb, is a natural wound healer and is considered as one of the effective home remedies for diaper rash. Apply plantain infused oil to the affected areas to promote healing. Another way to deal with this condition is to make a paste of fenugreek seeds with water and place it on the rash. Olive oil is also a helpful remedy for these rashes. Add two teaspoons of extra-virgin olive oil to one teaspoon of water and rub this mixture on the baby’s bottom. You can also use sesame oil to treat the diaper rash.

Mix sandalwood with peppermint oil and apply it to the bottom of the baby. This is another effectual remedy for diaper rash. Oatmeal, with its healing and soothing properties, is beneficial to cure your baby's condition. Give the baby an oatmeal bath to help the healing process. Burned flour is another one among the best home remedies for diaper rash. Put half a cup of flour in a pan, place it on a stove, and stir the flour until it becomes brown. Sprinkle some flour on the diaper area after each diaper change.

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